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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mjwarchol, Jul 20, 2005.

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    I will be applying for disability in September. I live in the Phoenix area. I wanted to see a lawyer before I filed to make sure things looked okay, but all of them want to wait until after you file. My question is, Allsup says they do the filing for you and have a 97% success rate. I like that they file because I think with their experience it would be more complete. I don't like that everything is done by phone. On the other hand, lawyers here won't talk to you until you file so I would have to do all that myself. I know I have read in the past some of your experiences with attorneys. Can you please help and give me your thoughts? Thank you all so much.

    M J
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    I used F.M. Blake and Associates and just recently won my SSDI case. Their corporate office is in Idaho [I'm in WA state] and I only talked by phone until the hearing but they were always available and extremely supportive. I think their success rate is 96-97%. And their fee is 25% of your winnings up to no more than about $5300.
    They go all over the US and also have offices in Kentucky, San Bernadino, and Sacramento.
    Their number is 1-800-786-9024 [8am-5pm Pacific time].

    I wish you all the best in your journey down the disability road!

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    Thank you for your input. Did you feel comfortable working with a group over the phone like that, that did all the filing etc. vs. you doing the filing and having a local attorney? I would think that Allsup doing the filing would have a better success rate because that's what they do. If I file and don't word something properly or miss something it wouldn't help me. Since I live in the Phoenix area I could use Scott Davis, which I would like because of his specialty being FM/CFS, but he won't see me until I'm off 5 months. I wanted to file at 5 months, but I suppose I could wait until I can see him and then file.

    M J
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    I'm in your same situation. Just starting to "look" for an attorney. Did you end up getting Scott Davis? Or someone else? Have you started the process of filing yet.

    Thanks for your help!

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