atty say dj's 75% don't believe in fm!

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    I been trying to get disiablity for year and half now.I went before an aj in march for ic,pituitary tumor and depression also because my dr.recommended me to apply for ssd.In my records it stated that i was psychotic[not in into reality]it's in my head so i told them.if they think it's in mind that declare that i have a mentally why they keep turning me down when i been working since age 13.the aj postprone until july he's comment was before we left the room[hopefully I WILL BE RETIRED BY THEN].WHAT EVER THAT MEANT!.so when i was diagnose with fm i ask my atty to add that in. he told me 75%aj's don't believe in solid proof so he recommend to leave that alone,even if the dr 's see sign and the way aj postprone because the ssd dr. say she did not have much infor about the case on my mental status.but declare that it was orignated from pain.and she could not make a decision then.