Aug 6 newsstory w/ wpi about xmrv and cfs!

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    This message board needs more informational posts like this one.

    Thanks, bake
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    you're very welcome guys! a very encouraging radio interview isn't it!
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    almost my bedtime!

    Thanks S.

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    First, Mike Hiberling, VP at WPI said there was going to be a symposium of scientists from all over the country at WPI, just before their grand opening on Aug. 21st; this is news, and very important. If WPI has this much attention from researchers, we know XMRV is going to be a really big thing.

    Second, he said the clinic will be open by late this year; December, he thinks. They are finding staffing for it and it takes time to set up the records systems, and all, you know.

    He said that this will truly be science in the making: patients will come to the clinic, get specific testing that will be run in their lab immediately, and the results will get back to their doctors at once, while the patient is still available. That's revolutionary for us PWMEs, isn't it?

    Patients are looking for places to rent in Reno as we speak, and I bet the town is going to just love all the money we will be spending there over the next years! Bet they welcome us with friendly, open arms, too.

    This was an excellent program; too bad it was only local, but they got some really good calls from patients, many of whom I think we would have recognized, many of whom had very pointed, intelligent questions. Thank you, friends!

    HOPE is on the way.....


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