Augh my husband and I are being tested hard /need prayers

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    This is hard to explain so I'll try to be brief. First off we have this female neighbor who has a dog.
    She is single and just got a job and needed someone who could walk her dog during the day while she was at work. My husband agree to do this for a short time until her daughter could take over. Her daughter is visiting her for a few months. Well the daughter didn't take over. In the meantime this woman has been coming over to our place alot. She smokes and so does my husband so they have been talking outside . "about the dog" . So a few time I went out there to just try and get to know her. While trying to start a conversation with this woman she cuts me off mid sentence. The few times we have talked were short. She has a problem with me having RA and is very insistent that I need to walk more . When I explain that I have more than just RA and that my spine is messed up she get vocal and insulting and says that its all excuses . And starts laughing and so did my husband . He didn't understand at that point that this woman is on the prowl. She now been asking him to run errands for her and shes coming over more to ask him if he'd like to have a smoke with her. Her flirting was getting on my last nerve. And my husband was clueless about what she was doing. He just kept saying that I was jealous . I never get jealous so this really made me upset. I told him that it was inappropriate for a christian married man to be seen with a single woman without someone else there. I said that he should open his eyes as to what is going on . There is a lot more to this story than what i've just wrote but you get the jest of it.
    So yesterday she has him take her dog to be neutered and I tell him watch out shes using you.
    Well last night she says to him that her car is in the shop and she needs to get her car keys over to the shop ,so she asks my hubs if he'd do this for her. So she gets the keys and gives them to me at the door and asks where my hubs is . I say that he is outside on the porch taking a smoke break and she says "oh I was just going to ask him if he'd like to have a smoke with me". Then I said I'll give him the key. SO she goes around to our back patio with her dog and acts like she didn't know that he was out there! So know hubs has a clue about this she wolf. But he has bonded with her dog and doesn't want her dog to suffer so he said that he only walk the dog until he finds a job and won't be having talks with her. Which I don't really think is a good solution as she does have a daughter that could do the job.
    SO that's problem 1

    Problem 2 is our cars transmission just went out. Ironically this happens as hubs was taking the she wolfs keys to her car shop. aughhhhhh So now our car needs work and we have no money ,rents due tomorrow, bills are a month late........ Hubs unemployment check is only 780 every 2 weeks and my ssdi is only 600 a month . I'm trying hard not to lose my mind.
    Also our 6 wedding anniversary is the month . We were hoping that this would be the year that just maybe we could do something for it or have a good dinner in but it's not looking good .
    This month we were going to get our car insurance re instated ,pay at least 1car payment and the bills ,pay the rent on time but its not looking like that is going to happen. I would truly be hurt if we somehow pay for the car to be fixed and they end up repo-ing it.
    Also because my hubs unemployment has been reinstated this month we will be losing our food stamps and health insurance. I was planning to buy groceries before we called the social worker to cancel us so we would at least have a few weeks worth of food but with the car in the shop that may not happen. Don't get me wrong we aren't total out of food just yet but what I have won't keep for much longer.
    I feel like i've been in a train wreck . And this is only a small part of what has been happening to us. I know will make it through this but gee wiz its been hard.
    I can't even tell my pastor any of this until Saturday because today is his birthday . The poor guy needs a "me day" from all the drama.
    Please pray that my husband gets a job soon. It's been over a year that he's had one. The other day he put in for a job that looks promising .

    Also I'm sorry that I've been such a whiner here . I really do pray for everyone here . I'm just not a very good communicator these days . As you can tell by my horrible typing skills. But I love you all and hold you' all dear to my heart. =)

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    These are serious problems. I am so sorry to hear of these situations. My ex husband was easily flattered and helped all sorts of single women. He was clueless ! I finally explained and he had me come along when he went to help . I suppose you don't want to stand there in a cloud of smoke all the time though !

    I will keep you in my prayers about this lady . Plus about your car. Please do not thing that you are a whiner , do not complain about your communication skills or your typing skills. What matters is where you are with the Lord , and that if you are hurting , then we are here to pray. Remember this earth will pass away and Praise God ! , He will reign someday. These are things that really matter.

    In His Grace and Love,