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    My husband just informed me that he invited five more people
    to our small apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. That means I'll
    have 10 people (4 kids 6 adults) in a 900sq. foot apt..
    I know that he meant well but gee wiz . My table seats only 4 and all we have for sitting is a lawnchair,chaise,loveseat,and a
    chair. There is a chance that maybe 5 people may be eating with their relatives. If not they more than welcome here but boy will it be tight. Not to mention I take my pills on Wed. and usually I can't move will for three days after ,that is if I'm not throwing up.
    My daughter was going to be doing most of the meal . I was just going to supervise . Hubby is just a bit upset with me because I wasn't thrilled about the idea of more people here.
    But he doesn't understand what he's asking of me.
    Anyways please add this to the prayer list.

    Thank you

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    Oh boy, gee I wonder why your not thrilled! Well just keep asking hubby to come and help that day. Maybe he'll find out all that work isn't so much fun! My heart and prayer's go out to you.

    Take care,
  3. daylight

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    The family that we were going to be hosting is going to
    be having Thanksgiving with her friend that has children the same age as hers. So I'll only have my family and my two aunts.
    I'll have to invite the others over on another day . I was a bit
    worried for a second there. We don't have young children and her kids probably would have been bored being around adults.