Aunmtyem and Countrymom!

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    I am so sorry I missed you guys this morning. I hope the two of you got together! My son's teacher from last year call at 7:30 desparate for someopne to fill in for her because her daughter was ill. I really hesitated but said yes. She teaches the two year olds. She really is a sweetheart. I would never do that even three days per week! Whew. I was the only one there whose nose wasn't running. I must have washed my hands a a million times. I am praying it doesn't make me sick!

    What happened?? Did you two get to talk?? Countrymom did you get your viral testing?? Just think hopefully in two weeks you will start to treat the real underlying issues and you can start getting better! Please let me know when you will be back because I really do want to meet you! Sheils do you go on Mondays?? I will try to drop by next week!

    Take Care and again I am disappointed but I have a hard time saying no!! Lynn
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    I thought that it was your son that was sick. So there goes my fibro fog. I had my viral testing drawn and got my IV and energy shot today. It was so busy that Brenda had me on an examining table! I DIDN'T MIND THOUGH,I really didn't feel like waiting on a recliner.

    I go back in 1 month, they said it would take that long to get testing back,but maybe I will call and see if I can go sooner. My heparin shots are getting easier to do and I made myself a chart so I could check off my meds as I take them!

    I did get to meet Sheila, she came in my room and talked.She was so nice and friendly, felt like we were old friends! I met a few others too, Lisa I think her name was. It is so nice to meet people who are just like I am. Here I thought I was the only one!! I would love to meet you next visit, I may try to come down and spend the night and get an IV 2 days in a row just to boost me up.

    Lynn you are so inspiring! I look forwaRD TO THE DAY WHEN MY CHILD'S TEACHER CALLS on me to teach for the day!! It is such a relief to have my 3 year old in school on 2 days. My 2 year old is much easier to manage alone! I do teach a class on Sunday evening at my church and I have 16 little darlings in there from age 6-8. It is alot of fun but I have alot of help!!

    Sorry to babble,

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    Babble away I enjoy it!! Please let me know when you come back!! The 2 year olds were definately a challenge!! I do much better with elementry age children. Those teachers don't get paid enough! Mondays are very busy at the FFC because alot of out of town people want to drive or fly here on Sunday and go on Monday. I try not to make Mon appts so they aare there for those who are far away!

    It will be intersting to see what happens with your virals! It seems strange to look forward to finding out you have a virus! But it is so nice to finally put your finger on it. I also loved being able to tell people something other than FM.

    One good thing came out of me subbing today. The teaching asst. has a neice who lives in NC and is 28 and pregnant and has FM. I gave her my name number and email and the website as well as the FFC number. Maybe she will find a way to turn and get better. Gail said she was in pain all the time and almost bedridden and scared to death of what she will do when she has the baby.

    Where in TN do you live??? I don't how you do it with two! I have my hands full with Grant! Take Care Lynn
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    Dani, It was great meeting you today! I didn't think of it until I was logging in tonight that I should've asked you for your e-mail address since we can't put them on here. Please keep Lynn & I posted as to when you're coming back down to ATL, maybe we can all get together for a little while, that is if Lynn can stand being around us 'cream corn ladies'!!

    Lynn, I'm sorry we didn't get to meet you today. I totally understand because I used to be the one who couldn't say no. Poor Freda...I had to tease her about being 'in love'. Today was the busiest day I had ever seen. Normally I'm the first one there but today there were already 2 people ahead of me. One from Alabama and one from Tennessee. Then the Alabama patient left and a local patient came in. That's how Dani ended up on the examination table. I stopped in to chat with her and Brenda came in and told me I was done so she went ahead and finished me while I was in chatting with Dani. Poor Brenda brought me my stuff cause she needed my chair for the next patient. The waiting area was full. While I was waiting for Freda to give me my paperwork there was a lady from Indiana waiting for her appointment. I've been going on Mondays and Thursdays. I did the 8 treatment, get 2 free which will take me through the 1st Thursday of November.
    Take care, Sheila.