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  1. 3gs

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    Hi this is in response to your post about wheelchairs. I didnt ad there it kinda got hi-jacked.

    I have a wheelchair and scooter. medicare paid for them. other poster was right,store will do paperwork for it. you will need a docs letter. one thing is they had to come out and measure my home etc.

    I had a outside lift for car(yes I had to pay for it)hitch was 200.00 lift was around 1,800. do not recomend it at all. I no longer have it(long story).

    currently looking at an inside lift for my van. ck your want ads. there are alot for sell used. all kinds of medical equipment.
    would a walker with a seat work?

    wish you lived closer I have about everything there is. hope your doing better
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    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for your response

    I do already have a walker with a seat & am finding that it is not sufficient

    there is no way that medicare would approve a wheelchair for me bc not only do I not really need it for my small one bedroom apt, but my apt is not really able to accommodate one...they would come to do the home assessment & say no way

    a scooter or power chair would really be the best, because I am not totally sure how well I would be able to push myself around in a manual chair, but I still think that a manual would be better than the walker - I just cannot stand upright for any length of time anymore....a power chair or scooter would absolutely require a life of some sort, though, & there is no way I can afford that unless I could find a used one for much less (would love to know more about why you would not recommend an outside lift, though)

    oddly I did not think to check want ads - I do appreciate that suggestion & will definitely start looking

    I agree it would be nice to live closer....not just for practical reasons, either - it would be cool to meet
  3. 3gs

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    Understand about the walker,Iam using one now. just thought with that one you could sit down if needed.

    my home didnt fit the door size etc. either. I live in a small condo(would love a one level) and have had to use my chair. you would be surprised what a small space they take up. there are all different sizes and styles.

    like you my mobility issues are increasing(Ialso have post polio). when I had the outside lift,it broke twice within one month,plus it was a nightmare putting straps on it and dealing with weather. I was ripped off by the company that installed car sits low and the weight of the hitch on it made it hard going out of driveways etc.

    ck classifieds online under medical equipment.also call local med supply stores,alot of time they have used or discontinued equip. I had a manual wchair for yrs and of course as soon as I donated it,I needed it!!!

    take care miss your vids on youtube! jen
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  4. AuntTammie

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    thanks for the info re the lift......too bad that happened to you, but I am glad to know not to even bother trying to find anythign ......not likely I could find something I could manage to pay for anyway

    as to the chair, I am starting to look in luck yet, but will keep checking

    there is only one medical supply store even remotely near me, and I had very very bad luck with them when getting the walker and a shower chair.......will never go back to them

    I think you have me mixed up with someone else, though.....I have not had any u-tube vids......was in one very briefly that was made by another ME/CFS patient, had a song called, Everyone Knows

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