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    I'm intrigued enough by FCT to have made an appt. with Dr. Yurkovsky (I live in NY). How has it affected your main symptoms so far, in the time you've been having treatments? I'm facing very stiff resistance from the person who's reluctantly paying for this and could use some encouraging reports.

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    Sorry, I just got out of quarantine (this is what I call the time when I have to stay away from ElectroMagnetic Fields) and saw your message.

    My dr sought out Dr. Yurkovsky for his own health last June. When he got better from Dr. Yurkovsky he decided to learn about FCT so he could treat patients. He started treating patients in Sept 05. I believe I'm his 15th patient (as of Jan 06). My dr speaks VERY HIGHLY of Dr. Yurkovsky.

    When I first went to my dr he said I was his worst case. As far as my main symptoms (fatigue, low back pain, IBS, poor memory, poor concentration, etc. etc....) they're about the same. My brain fog got better and my vision seems clearer. My adrenals go up & down. I don't have the bloating from the IBS either. Most things happen at a rate that you don't realize the symptom is better but it is. I've got a lot wrong with me so I don't want you to judge FCT from just me.

    What symptoms do you have?

    My main problem is high mercury toxicity! When I saw my dr last week I thought I was going to be ready to have my amalgam fillings replaced but....the mercury showed back up in my bone marrow. I think this was brought on by the stress I was under regarding my disability insurance carrier. My pain had also been much worse for the last week. Anyway, since I've been sick for a long time I figure it's going to take a long time to get better!

    The main problem I have is following the candida yeast diet. I would probably be further along if I had stronger will power. I am trying... it's just hard because I don't have the energy or motivation to cook.

    I don't know what Dr. Yurkovsky charges but if you do everything he tells you to do, I'm sure it will be well worth it. When is your appointment? I'll be very anxious to hear from you after your appointment!!

    You can go to my dr's website which talks about FCT in greater detail than Dr. Yurkovsky's (or at least I think so). drdaveou dot com My dr went to a conference in Ireland a couple of week-ends ago and he was pleased he went. You might be able to join his support group and then you could read things that his patients have had to say. There are only a couple of them on there but one of them praises him for the health the dr has given back to him. If you have trouble, let me know and I can e-mail my doctor who is also the administrator of his site. We generally e-mail each other every other week or so. I even sent him a link that somebody shared on here about mercury. He was so impressed that he made it a link on his website.

    Is the person who is paying for you also going to go to your appointment? If so, I'd think they would be impressed. If not, write down some of their questions so you can ask Dr. Yurkovsky. I've put his name out here several times but generally people haven't responded. I'm very excited to know you have made an appointment.

    Once again, keep me posted and good luck,

    PS: FCT is popular over in Europe, mailing England & Ireland.[This Message was Edited on 04/04/2006]

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