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    I was talking to my friend yesterday who has a daughter with autism. Her daughter is very high-functioning (she just made the Honor Roll) and her main problem is socialization. She said when her daughter grows up she'll have to have a job where she doesn't have to interact with a lot of people and have her own office. I told her I'd love to have my own office. I started listing all of my sensory overload problems - noise, too much light, people bothering me, etc. She said that people with autism have the same exact problem. So I'm convinced this is a neurological problem. When I told my husband what we spoke about, he said he's noticed that I'm very sensitive. For a long time I thought I was just "crazy" - it's nice to know this is a definite problem associated with FMS.

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    Alot of us have this same problem, myself included, with light, noise, too many visuals, sensitivity. And it is obvious to me that something with this DD is being missed.
    Maybe if we can get more word out as others are suggesting, through Oprah or Montel, whoever, then more research will be done on fms and more answers other than speculation will be found. I dont think that fms or cfs are related to or go in hand with autism or add or anything like that, but we do have effects simular in some aspects and should be looked into the cause of this side of the illness. Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes, I will ask my friend if her daughter had symptoms before her MMR shot. I know a lot of people are talking about this - I even saw a Senate sub-committee meeting on C-SPAN one day about this. I think my friend also has her daughter on a special diet. I'll let you know what she says.
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    I think it's a stretch to make the same thing of FMS and autism. Rather like saying that a runny nose goes with both a cold and pneumonic plague, therefore a cold is the plague. I mean, how sick do you really need to think you are? --Jo
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    Researchers are now taking another look at any relationship between all neurological problems and are even including ADHD and Anorexia. While they may not be caused by the same thing, they can all certainly produce similar symptoms.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm NOT saying FMS and autism are similar at all. I just thought it was odd that there are some of the same problems associated with both. If my friend hadn't been talking about it, I never would have brought it up. But don't you think it odd that there are associations with neurological problems, auto-immune problems, fatigue, IBS? What in heck is all this stuff? It's too coincidental that many FMS sufferers have all these symptoms. A few years ago, for instance, I would have said my IBS was not connected to anything. But now I see things differently. Thank God I am not autistic! But I still have these weird symptoms. And they seem to be getting worse.....
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    What does that mean? In your post?

    "I mean, how sick do you really need to think you are? "

    I hope I am misunderstanding the question posed.

    There have been so many recent advances in imaging and neurological knowledge is accelerating at a rapid pace. Many chemical and electrical components of the nervous system are coming to light. New findings in alzheimers, autism, mood disorders, attention deficiet hyperactivity disorder, and on and on are shedding new light on the central nervous system gone awry. With the neurological symptoms present in many Fibro sufferers, it is very possible that similar causitive factors and treatment procedures might exist.
    There are studies which show pain receptors in fms patients differ from the norm. Imaging has also shown areas of compromised blood flow and activity. It is believed that fms patients are affected by a seizure state. I would not be surprised that one day we find that the master control--of our bodies--our central nervous systems are a major causitive factor in these disorders.

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    This is an area that I work directly with, so I thought I might be able to shed some light on this.

    The condition many of you are talking about is called Dysfunction of Sensory Integration. It is not autism, and it is not fibro. It is a condition all on its own, and affects about 10% of the population. It is far more common in people with autism, or aspergers (known as high functioning autism). You do not develop it. You are born with it. While most people are able to learn to deal with these sensitivities as they age, it is much harder to do so as a child. This is one of the reasons for the over dx of ADD in children. In the cases where you life is severely impacted as an adult, they are generally part of a primary condition such as high functioning autism or aspergers.

    If you think you have this condition, you probably do!! But chances are it is not related to the fibro. You were just unlucky enough to get stuck with them both

    Thanks for giving me a forum to talk about this!!
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    dysfunction of sensory integration. I have a good friend who is a Social Worker and she has known me for years. She gave me a lot of info on this disorder and said that when she studied this in college, she thought of me. I was told that I was mildly autistic as a child, but the general consensus was that I was suffering from PTSD. I don't think I have a severe case of "whatever", but the info sure made it sound like this is what causes a lot of my problems with noise, lights, crowds, etc. I am easily hyper-stimulated and require my space with quiet, serene atmosphere.
    Who really knows?? I am interested in this topic!
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    but* I too am very sensitive to lights and noises and sometimes crowds.. I used to like to go out and dance and party and this is new this time around. It's interesting to me that you would compare fm to autism.... I do believe that our nervous systems are to blame ... Good luck!