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    I prepared this post a few weeks ago and never got to post it and got reminded by wakemeups post , which also has very interesting information on this topic.
    So here it is:

    Very, very interesting connection is made by _Dr.Goldberg, where he says that herpes viruses attack the temporal lobe.( If the temporal lobe not functioning well, it produces nominal aphasia :word finding problems) he says (P.46) :So what you’re really looking at is a vulnerability of the most critical part of our brains. The common denominator to all of this is going to be the immune System.

    Link to his presentation

    (Check out ganglia in the peripheral nervous system (PNS)
    Under autonomic nervous system

    The function of the Immune System depends a large part on Interleukins and the communication (cytokins)from the Hypothalamus/thalamus which is situated in the Brain.
    For example the IL 12 stimulates the NK cell ,
    Interleukins elicit Fever and ACTH (we all complain that we never get fever over time?)and other IL is responsible for T cell response and so on. I just begin to understand this, so I don’t know how good I explained this here, but as I said, it is worthwhile looking into it. `

    There is just now a study going on in Switzerland which is looking into the role of the thalamus!!!

    Herpes viruses seem to be also responsible for more allergic reaction to Antibiotics .
    (see allergic reaction on abx )

    Than there is the connection with MS, it seems that also in MS the % of patient who are infected is very high.

    Example page 46 of Dr.Goldberg Presentation:

    Now, working with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from my wife’s illness in 1982, working with this whole disorder from that time, the fight that’s going on out there about the adults and about your children is really – is it psychosomatic or is it real? The sad fact is that when you look at Neuro SPECT scans on these adults, these children, what you see is the decrease of bloodflow in the temporal lobes. One of first questions I asked Dr. Mena was why the temporal lobes? Why should we have this common finding if we’re talking about some general neuroimmune problem or even the possibility of a virus? It’s notorious that herpes viruses go to the temporal lobe. Why should that happen? Well, it turns out that the temporal lobe includes some very critical structures called the amygdala and the limbic system that are actually, as I have gotten a whole new level of education in neurology, are part of the higher evolution of the human species. They are part of what separates us from other animal species. So what you’re really looking at is a vulnerability of the most critical part of our brains. The common denominator to all of this is going to be the immune system.

    Now look at the article in wikidep. About Nominal aphasia
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    Nominal aphasia (also known as anomic aphasia) is a form of aphasia (loss of language capability caused by brain damage) in which the subject has difficulty remembering or recognizing names which the subject should know well. The subject speaks fluently, grammatically, has normal comprehension, and the only deficit is trouble with "word finding," that is, finding appropriate words for what they mean to say.
    Subjects often use circumlocutions (speaking in a roundabout way) in order to express a certain word for which they cannot remember the name. Sometimes the subject can recall the name when given clues. Sufferers are often frustrated when they know they know the name, but cannot produce it.
    "Hold on, I should know the name of that thing... Give me a minute ..."
    Sometimes subjects may know what to do with an object, but still not be able to give a name to the object. For example, show a subject an orange, and ask what it's called. The same subject may be well aware that the object can be peeled and eaten, and may be able to demonstrate this by actions or even verbal responses. Whether such a subject could name the color of the orange is unknown.

    I know that many have been talking about Aphasia in connection with CFIDS, but that it is the HH-6 which actually targets this area is interesting, as MS patients do complain very much about the same symptoms and AIDS Encephalitis too.
    Also Dr. Meirleir separates one group of CFIDS Patients which have more MS like symptoms and show more cognitive problems and he does mention HHV-6 .

    isn’t this all fitting !!!

    Another interesting thing thing in connection with this is the new treatment by Dr.Puri with omega 3 and 6 fatty acid. The omega 6 fatty acid is responsible for the ACTH .
    Not enough omega 6 fatty acid will not enduce fever, no fever you ll be stucked with activated viruses which can only be destroyed if your body temperature is over 37.2. (this theory is mine and I absolutely don’t know if it is correct, but it fits very much the picture.)

    Another research which I just discovered by some ones post here, has just started into the thalamus. I was surprised and happy that I had the same idea as some real docs and research is done into

    NEW - From Hans Fuchs at the CFSResearch Yahoo Group - Dr. Stefan Berge, Insel-Spital in Berne, Switzerland

    "Cerebral Volumetry and Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Thalamus with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". Dr. Begré's team recently checked my brain with a magnetic resonance tomography device (Translation? "Magnet Resonanz Tomographie MRT"). They will check 60 patients with ME-CFIDS-CFS and a control group with 60 healthy patients. (The 60 ill subjects are being tested rigorously via many questionnaire' s and personal interrogation to make sure that they are the 'real deal'). Dr. Begré and his fellow researchers suspect a serious malfunction of the thalamus; they also don't want to exclude the possibility of
    the additional influence of some (yet not discovered?) virus.

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    Please read my post in this thread (page 6)

    On most recent and reputable postmortem studies of brains of autistics and CFSID there wasn’t any specific immune response and thus can not be any virus or autoimmune process.
    Instead general inflammatory and inflammatory response was found.

    In my humble opinion cytokines produced directly by elevation of specific prostoglandis and leukotrienes. Which lead us to congenital or acquired aberrant lipid metabolism. Brain is the most fatty organ in our body and possibility that any aberration in lipid metabolism hit the brain is overwhelming.
    Google leukodystrophy or peroxisomal disorder and you will have much more answers.
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    will read up on your info.

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