Autism on Larry King last night really good

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    Did anyone else see the discussion on Larry King last night? I've looked for other posts, but can't believe someone else hasn't already written about this, I'm usually so slow.

    Generally speaking it looks as though the CDC is starting to soften its outlook toward the idea that one of the main causes of autism is vaccines. The CDC had said that the Poling girl became autistic after her vaccines due to the fact that she already had a mitochondrial dysfunction. BUT, Jenny McCarthy and her pediatrician stated unequivocally that the mitochondrial dysfunction was a RESULT of the vaccines. There were lots of things said, but of course, I couldn't possibly last long enough to repeat them all. Also, there is a big rally planned for early June in Washington, I believe, by Defeat Autism Now.

    What does this have to do with ME/CFS? Well, our disease has often been linked to autism as being similar especially as far as the dysfunctional mitochondria. Hopefully, with proper advances in prevention and treatment of autism, we will have a much better chance of improving our lot.

    Now, what we need is a celebrity like Jenny McCarthy to go public and raise a little hell! Anybody know anyone?

    Take care all. Marie

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