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  1. laceymae

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    Does anybody know of a good support group online for parents of children with autism?

    My nephew was recently diagnosed and his parents really need a site like this to get some good caring support.

    there are no groups in my area, We are trying to support the local daycare center with starting one, but with no support from the community or school system, it is almost impossible

  2. doxygirl

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    My son has autism and I know there are a lot of resources out there and I have gone to one online myself.....I will try to find it for you and post it here tomorrow......

    How old is your nephew?

    My son is 20 now ......he seemed fine up until we broke down and allowed him to have immunizations .....since that time he has deteriorated......

    IMO the shots that the government requires all parents to give their innocent little babies and children have poisoned them.....some it effects worse than son was one of the unlucky ones!

    I wouldn't be surprised someday to find out that is why all of us have dd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will find that for you and post it!

  3. laceymae

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    He is 5 now, we started noticing signs of it at about 2, with his social skills and speech.

    He had a lot a dental work done at this same time had to have some fillings etc and I wonder if this is related.

    Thanks for any info

    He has high funtioning Asperger's
    with Negative X MRI was good
    so we are really optimistic about overcoming it..

    thanks and have a good weekend