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    I have posted here before that I see so many that have children with Autism. I wondered about this and our problems, a connection. I do not know any myself. So it seemed to be too large of a percentage, or so I thought.

    Well, I am blown away about what I seen on TV. It says that 1 in 166 children has autism. I had no idea that it was that wide spread. I find this so sad also. I am humbled by my lack of knowledge on this and that I have not been aware of just how this is affecting our children.

    I feel that if we want others to recognize our sickness, we must be open to others also. So I feel that we must learn more about it. Contribute or do things to help these children and the future ones to be. At the very least increase our awareness of Autism.

    Blessings to all of you.............Susan
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    Check out the filmclip" Autism Every Day"...shows what it is like to be a parent to a child with Autism...Very Powerful.

    This is where my boys get their services

    this is a national site based in MN that is a clearing house of information on disabilies chilhood to young adult.

    Check it out...Disability Awarness helps us all.
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    Some info and links on Autism...posted abouve : )

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    While researching supplements for cfs, which are working wonderfully now, I kept coming across autism. I was really surprised; the protocols for cfs and autism have a lot in common. And the causes for both start with food and toxins. The food companies' crap is making us all sick. We should all be in line to sue them.

    You know some things you can't eat just one? It's because they've really researched it and done their homework and made them that way so we'll eat more and more. When we read ingredients on food labels, we usually look at the first 2 or 3 because we know what they are and can pronounce and spell them. The rest we ignore. We probably shouldn't have ignored them. The food companies are responsible for doing their own food testing to make sure stuff is safe to eat. The FDA doesn't do any testing. What a joke! karen
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    My maternal aunt has FMS, pretty sure my Mum has it (not diagnosed,) & so do I. Massive family on Mum's side & not one person in the Autistic spectrum. (Actually there's possibly one, nope, make that two, but no diagnosis.)
    3 of my friends, who mind you don't have FMS all have sons that are autistic, & one has a boy with aspergers.
    I don't see the other two often, but the lad with aspergers belongs to my best friend. He is an amazingly gifted little guy (he's 10,) & highly intelligent. That said he prefers contact with adults over other children & can't stand school. With the right help, he will go far :D
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    As many here know I have a 12 year old with autism plus I lecture from time to time in autism studies.

    There are a couple of points I wanted to outline: 1) PDD nos and Aspergers are both autism spectrum disorders. Depending on who does thre dx and where it is done, there often is not a great deal of difference between the mid to higher range in the spectrum. Children who are non verbal and also have mental retardation would be profoundly autistic on the spectrum and children with sensory issues with some ADD would probably be on the other end.

    Often, PDD nos can be even more severely impacting a child's life than a child who is dxd with Aspergers and visa versa, it depends upon the child and the supports available.

    The second point is that I believe this condition as we now dx it has been around for many years, we just called it something else years ago when I was teaching Special education kids. However, I bel;eive it was just as prevalent, but children then went to special schools and so often did a little better as they did not have to face the constant sensory overload of a typical 600 placement regular school with the high expectations.

    This point has been very controversial in the "inclsuion" debate, but almost all the children who now have to attend regular schools have a nightmarish time and many end up on neuroleptic meds to cope. There are very few schools that can actually really work well with the kids. A new report out in the UK shows just how much better the kids did when getting specialised education in specialised (good) schools and how dreadful life is for many now.

    I have visited several schools(and classrooms) especially designed for children with autism spectrum disorders and the children just are so relaxed and happy. This is why rich people pay up to $130,000 per year to have their children attend special schools.

    Regarding diet: I do think that maybe the impact of pesticides in the 1930's and on has caused some problems that we are all paying for. However, we should also make sure we do not use chemical household cleaners, soaps, hairsprays, air fresheners, perfumes, colorants etc around children, and especially autistic children.

    I am and always have been an organic ovo fowl fish but mostly vegetarian, never drank, smoked or did drugs, my child has always received high quality organic food yet he is autistic. I do think EMF's and chemicals (especially the ones used in schools) can cause some things. But there is no doubt that healthy food and a quiet environment are helpful.

    What does alarm me is the Cure Autism Now people have just expressed joy that the FDA has approved Risperdal for use with these kids as there is a lot of evidence to suggest that far from helping the kids, this drug causes increased anger and movement disorders in the children many psychs. have been dishing these drugs up to for several years (unapproved). The Autism Association disapporves of this choice. I think C.A.N. may be funded by the drug companies in part. I have seen chuildren as young as seven being given 6 or 8 mg of Risperdal when they actually were not even out of control, but just having melt downs a few times a day due to the environment.

    Thank you for your interest. The schools really have to recognize these children need help of a specific kind in order to reach their potential. Parents of non autistic children need to teach their children to include all children who have special needs in their activities as most of these kids are awfully lonely and often bullied.

    Love Annie
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    The classes are too big and the teachers are burnt out. They don't have the energy/will to deal with extra needs children. Meds become the easy way out. I am just in the process of evaluating my son, I know he have Sensory Integration Disorder, calm loving and sweet, but a great deal of difficulties.

    I am a "no meds" person, especially when it comes to psyk. drugs.

    It is odd though, my family is a Fibro family, my two sons have SID, I had SID as a child, and now as an adult, plus FM/CFS. It sure does seem like there is a connection.
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    is mildly autistic, bipolar, low IQ (just above cutoff for retardation), devel delays, speech and lang disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, intermittent explosive disorder....need I say more??

    My 11 yr old son has some autistic traits, is devel delayed, speech/lang disorders, sensory integration disorder....not nearly as bad off as my daughter tho.

    Both have been in special ed since preschool and have gone to every specialist around. No clue why they have these problems. No history in either of our families, I'm the only one w FM and I was healthy in my younger yrs and during pregnancies. Very mysterious, wish I knew why they ended up like this.

    Both kids had evidence of delays before they had any immunizations. I had healthy pregnancies and natural childbirth. Go figure.

    By the way, that Autism Speaks video is great....I could really relate to those Moms. I sent that link to everyone I know a few months back.
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    My oldest son changed drastically after his vaccinations when he was 2. That was 13 years ago. It seem to trigger Autistisk spectrum disorders in suspensible individuals. I am not sure about what the vaccinations contained 6 years ago when my second son had his shots. The type of problems he has wouldn't be detectable at that young age.
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    This is really opening my eyes, and heart to all of this.

    I appreciate the story sharings and the sites.

    I thought I was more aware om such, but I fall way short.I elect to no longer be ignorant on this.

    So much we do not understand, not yet anyhow, in more than one disease. One in 166 children have autism.....I just can not shake that off.

    Thanks for sharing with me.......Blessings.....Susan
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    Hi Sues,

    Not much time but I have FMS, CMPS etc. and have two grandsons from one daughter Susan whose son is 10 and another was dxed with PPD -nos and another 2 1/2 year old by another daughter whom they think is mild - moderately autistic. He had two evaluations. It will be interesting as we will see the today for the holidays.

    It is really interesting to see how prevalent it all is and to see if there is anything that ties them all together with CFS/FM, etc.

    Sorry, have to run . So much to do for my company.


    Marilyn (that Granni)
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    I was writing a response last night...and it dissapeared...

    Was too tired to write it again!

    Things are hard with my older boy...I am sure he will end up with ADHD/Aspberger's Dx after all is said and done...

    He has been acting has been heart wretching!

    He is 11 and is starting to hit the moodiness of puberty, so this has been making life extra stressful, especially when he gets into it with his little brother (PDD-NOS)

    The three of us have Sensory Intergration older sis has classic Autism...It wouldn't surprse me in the least if i had the eval, that I wouldn't come out with a high functioning Asberger's.

    All of this stress is making the FM/CFS/depression/anxiety off of the charts!

    I miss you all...I hve lurked once in a while, but it has been hard to concentrate.

    Anne...I would like to chat with you about Danny...and his schooling situation...My son can hold it together unless to much overload with his senses...then the behavior happens.

    I'm hoping to transfer him into a smaller middle school situation next year...only 330 6-8 graders...this school understands disability...his little brother is in kindergarten there...(it is a K-8 grade) The older one goes to a K-5...the middle school he's supposed to go to has 644 kids!

    Anyway...please keep us in your's been a hard few weeks...

    Some days I wonder if I will ever feel better...I feel like I can never get away from the stress enough to get back on track with my health, and out of this flare.


    It has been hard to live with 3 of us in this family who are affected by the sensory issues...there never seems to be calm, quiet time as a is stressful.
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  13. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Hi Susan,

    I found this an informative and facinating read on the topic...

    Hope it`s not too long for you.


    Autism–The Skyrocketing Epidemic
    Kathryn Picoulin, BSRN, N.D., Ph.D

    The incidence rate of autism has skyrocketed by 500 % in the last ten years. Between July 2001 and October 2001 California alone has had a record number of new cases of autism (705), a 54 % increase in just three months. In Ohio there was a 6,822 % increase within the last 6 years.

    Autism is a collection of disorders rather than a specific disease. It is characterized by abnormal language and social development, with social withdrawal, such as lack of attachment, avoidance of eye contact and failure to cuddle. Other symptoms include depression, poor memory, self-injurious behaviors, anorexia, tremors, seizures, poor concentration, delayed speech, increased sound and touch sensitivity, sleeping disorders, rashes and accelerated death of brain cells. It also includes motor movement disorders, impairment in hearing and vision.

    At the Second International Public Conference of the National Vaccine Information Center held two years ago, many researchers, doctors, and professors presented the links between the MMR vaccine and autism.

    The MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988. Even though the incidence of measles had dropped by 85 % by the time the MMR was introduced, it was believed that this vaccine would help to eradicate three common childhood diseases, measles, mumps and rubella. By 1994 researchers began to link the MMR vaccine to autism.

    Two studies done in 1969 and 1974 respectively showed that when measles, mumps and rubella were put into one vaccine, the viruses interfered with each other. The measles virus settled in the intestinal tract and caused a type of irritable bowel. The measles virus has also been found to create autoimmune antibodies in the brain.

    A blind study done by a Dr. Andrew Wakefield who tested 25 autistic children against 25 healthy children found that all 25 autistic children had the measles virus in their intestines. When the 25 healthy children were tested only one had the virus in the intestines.

    F. Edward Yazbak, MD, a pediatrician and school physician in Rhode Island had conducted research evaluating the impact of live virus vaccinations to women before, during or after pregnancy. He found that the infants born to 20 out of 25 women who received a MMR vaccine postnatally developed autism. He found that the live rubella virus from the vaccine would pass on to the suckling infants through the breast milk.

    A 1980 study showed that the rubella live virus persisted in the body for many years. It infected the islets of langerhans in the pancreas and severely reduced the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas causing juvenile diabetes.

    Dr. Vijendra Singh, PhD, a research associate of immunology at Utah State University, and specialist in autistic children reported that 80 % of the autistic children are suffering from abnormal immune response in the brain from the nicks in the developing myelin sheath on brain cells caused by the viruses.

    Dr. Mary Megson, assistant professor at the Medical College of Virginia reports that the live measles vaccine depletes the child’s body of vitamin A. The current vaccination recommendation for the MMR vaccine is that the first shot be given when the infant is between 12-15 months. But, because it is felt that the first shot may not provide adequate lifetime immunity, a second MMR is recommended at 4-6 years or at 11-13 years. There are states that recommend the second MMR before the child enters kindergarten.

    The adverse effects of the MMR vaccine are the following: seizures, learning disabilities, encephalitis, neurologic disorders, muscle incoordination, autism, optic neuritis that can lead to blindness, deafness, Guillain Barre syndrome (paralysis), demyelination of the nerve sheaths, fever, joint pain, headache, blood clotting disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, meningitis, anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction) and death.

    Many researchers believe that all the new vaccines released in the last decade, especially hepatitis B and the mandates requiring the vaccine are the main cause for this epidemic. Adding the series of Hepatitis B (12.5mcg mercury) and the HIB vaccine more than doubled the mercury intake for infants through vaccines.

    The EPA set the maximum mercury exposure limit at .1mcg/kg/day. Let’s look at some numbers. A newborn that weighs nine pounds is 4.8kg. The most mercury that he or she can receive through the vaccine system is .4mcg. Yet the hepatitis vaccine that the newborn receives before it leaves the hospital is 12.5mcg. One month later the newborn is required to receive hepatitis B for the second dose of 12.5mcg. At the two month checkup the series of shots that the infant receives totals 50mcg. By the time the infant gets the MMR at age 15 months, he or she would have received 237.5mcg of methyl mercury at a time the neurological system is developing.

    If the mother received Rhogam for Rh negative blood, or a flu shot during pregnancy the unborn fetus would be hit by the mercury from these two vaccines. Several studies have shown that mothers, who were vaccinated with the MMR and Hepatitis B vaccine even 5 months before becoming pregnant or even during the pregnancy, increased the risk of having an autistic child by 85%. Mercury easily crosses the placenta and the blood brain barrier to deposit itself into the brain tissue of the developing fetus.

    The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that exposure to more than 62.5 mcg of mercury in the first three months of life caused a significant increase in the incidence of autism. Next month we’ll see what is being done to make vaccines safer and what can be done to help the child.

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    Autism Speaks and Cure Autism Now Applaud Signing of Combating Autism Act Landmark Legislation Authorizes Nearly $1 Billion in Autism Funding.

    Leadership of Cure Autism Now and Autism Speaks today (December 20, 2006) applauded President Bush's signing of the landmark Combating Autism Act of 2006 (S. 843).

    The bill authorizes nearly $1 billion over the next five years to combat autism through research, screening, early detection and early intervention.

    For more information about the Combating Autism Act:

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