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    i have a autistic grandaughter she is 5 and non verbal.they want to take her ade of 3 yrs and do away with her and get her a new one can any one tell me where there is a artical on how long a ade can stay with a autistic child if so please let me know so i can read it thank you
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    I'm not sure what exactly how long a child can stay with an Aide . My daughter (who has asperger's syndrome) had to go to county social services for instruction and observation all through out school. She went through many aides (social workers ) . My daughter was mostly non-verbal until 6 yrs or so. She now is a 20 and has graduated high school but who knows whats around the corner.

    Having an autistic child is hard . I hated having to push my daughter to keep learning and adjusting to new people . I'm guessing that is what they are trying to do with your child.

    I'll try to find you an article on this . I wish I had an answer to your question. I'll keep looking. =)
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    This is a link that may help you. It has several links on autism.
    It's worth a look.

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    Web MD also has a online support group on autism and you might find some answers there. Their link is