auto-immune paleo diet for pain & inflammation

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    About 6 months ago my sister started developing chronic pain and inflammation. This followed a very traumatic event at her job coupled with some major physical stress. She's thinks there's a connection but of course no one knows for sure. She's never had anything like this before but it sounds a lot like fibro.

    A nutritionist friend of hers recommended she try the auto-immune paleo diet (see and she's getting results, less pain, feeling better. She also started taking a bunch of supplements - B complex, B1, B12, folate, D3, lots of fish oil and some other things. Also her thyroid needs support.

    You're supposed to follow the diet for 6-8 weeks and then gradually add things back in to see how you tolerate them. Before she got sick, she ate a lot sugar.

    She also forces herself to stretch and exercise some (mainly walking), even though somewhat painful, as she feels better afterwards.

    I know it's a very limited diet, but it is temporary, and for people who deal with a lot of pain and inflammation would be worth a try I think. And my sister also said she doesn't feel deprived eating this way. She's very determined to regain her health.

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    Hi Jam - My sister has been so healthy for so long, and so active (she's 64 now, works as a drug and alcohol counselor), and she's always been supportive of all my efforts to regain my health, so now I can give her advice, which she's happy to take. She was a little freaked out at first because she's never had health problems before and some of her blood work was off - high c-reactive protein (no surprise) and a few other thing, including her thyroid, low vitamin D, medium-high MCV and so on. I've learned so much about diet and supplements, plus her nutritionist friend got her on this diet, so she is making progress. But you do have to be really motivated to follow the diet.

    How's it going with the niacinamide, or is it too soon to tell?

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    I love avocados, and avocados and eggs together sounds delicious - and I agree, you need the egg yolks when you eat eggs. I'd rather not eat them if you can't have the yolk.

    The niacin is still helping me sleep, amazingly enough. It's also supposed to help lower cholesterol, so maybe the niacinamide will help you there, although from what I read, the plain niacin is supposed to work better than niacinamide for lowering cholesterol. argg! What do you do? But I wouldn't take them both together.

    You're right about yogurt and sugar .... and the sugar will raise cholesterol too ....

    It'll be interesting to see what my cholesterol is when I next get it tested, since I've been taking niacin.

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