Auto immunity

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    Hi all- Anyone here have adx autoimmune disorder as well as fibro? I have somethng called mixed connective tissue disease and I thnk that might mean that i need to be careful which supplements I take as I do not wwant to stimulate my immune system further. Does anyone know about this? PAtty
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    factor in auto immune conditions...which are arthritis, MS, Lupus and a large group of disorders...but inflammation
    is a big factor in this.....

    Hashimotos also is an auto immune disorder of the
    thyroid....Psorasis too is autoimmune.

    I've been on a new supplement going on 2 months and I'm
    finding great relief on chronic inflammation in my body....the supplement is Anatabloc...and it works on reducing and
    lessening inflammation in the body.

    What condition are you dealing with yourself?
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