Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smadavid, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. smadavid

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone who's had autoimmune thyroiditis could give me some advice. I just got these test results back (from a doctor treating me for Lyme, actually):

    T3: 108 ng/dL (Normal)
    T4: 10.7 mcg/dL (Normal)
    TSH: 1.14 mIU/L (Low side of normal)
    Thyroglobulin: < 20 IU/mL (Normal)
    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody: 86 IU/mL (High)

    She mentioned that the Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies indicate an auto-immune problem (Perhaps Hashimoto's thyroiditis, although my symptoms -- fatigue, inability to gain weight, seem more like hyperthyroidism / Grave's disease). She also said that even if I no longer have an active Lyme infection, autoimmune thyroiditis may have been triggered by it. I do have what feels like minor swelling or discomfort around the thyroid area, although it is not a visible goiter. And thyroid problems do run in our family.

    If anyone knows more about these tests, or has been treated for thyroid problems, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

    Thanks :)
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  2. smadavid

    smadavid New Member

    Thanks for the info... i've tried iodine, but didn't notice much of a difference; Maybe I should give it another shot. I haven't tried armour thyroid yet though, so that's something to check into. And I should get tested for Mercury too.

    My biggest symptoms are cognitive -- brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and balance issues in particular.

    I should probably make an appointment with an endochronologist to get another opinion in addition to my Lyme doctor.

    Thanks again :)
  3. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    My thyroid keeps acting up. Synthroid made me worse. So I spent a year and half drinking Spirutein shakes. They have blue sea algae in them and it helped to even out the thyroid. But you have to becareful, cause too much of it, too frequently will just make it act up again. I do it like once a week to once every ten days, and somehow, it helps. Won't really do much for your fatigue, though.

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