Autoimmune webinar November 14-20 th

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    They are going to talk about the root causes and solutions for autoimmune diseases in great detail. I don't know if cfs/fm is considered an autoimmune disease, but I am certain immune system dysfunction is a big part of it. I think to improve one's health if you have cfs/fm, immune system dysfunction has to be addressed and re-balanced. I think they will offer a lot of good information to do that in this web series.

    This series seems to be mainly focused on dysbiosis and leaky gut as the main causes of immune system dysfunction and autoimmunity, but also talks about toxins too and most likely other things I am not aware of. There are also many personal stories of people sharing there breakthroughs, some that have stopped and even reversed their illnesses.

    There will be one episode that airs online each day for 7 days (November 14-20) and each episode will be available to watch free anytime for 24 hours after it airs. All you need to do to register is write in your first name and email address. Here is the link to register if you are interested....
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