Autoimmune webinar November 14-20 th

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    They are going to talk about the root causes and solutions for autoimmune diseases in great detail. I don't know if cfs/fm is considered an autoimmune disease, but I am certain immune system dysfunction is a big part of it. I think to improve one's health if you have cfs/fm, immune system dysfunction has to be addressed and re-balanced. I think they will offer a lot of good information to do that in this web series.

    This series seems to be mainly focused on dysbiosis and leaky gut as the main causes of immune system dysfunction and autoimmunity, but also talks about toxins too and most likely other things I am not aware of. There are also many personal stories of people sharing there breakthroughs, some that have stopped and even reversed their illnesses.

    There will be one episode that airs online each day for 7 days (November 14-20) and each episode will be available to watch free anytime for 24 hours after it airs. All you need to do to register is write in your first name and email address. Here is the link to register if you are interested....
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    Hi ljimbo, I watched this autoimmune webinar also, and thought it was excellent. Dr. Tom O'Bryan, who traveled the world for a year speaking to autoimmune specialists, researchers, and Functional Medicine Dr.'s has been a big influence to me for the past 7 months.

    I've had CFS/ME for the past 25 years, and it's just been in the past 10 months that I've improved enough to have the strength to be up and cooking healthy foods, not all the time, but the biggest improvement in all these years. Last February I had severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and lost 35 lbs. from not being able to eat.

    I had vitamin B injections from an alternative Dr., and then doing some research was amazed to see that there were many blogs online from people who said they had regained their health from celiac, MS, Intestinal diseases, etc. I was still only able to eat an 8th of an omolet at the time, I had so much inflammation and pain.

    Also vitamin D, I was very low on, and have been taking daily. But there is so much more involved. I started eating organic, eating small amounts of meat, and much more organic plants and veggies. I learned that phytonutrients are the latest researched addition to the knowledge of vitamins and minerals. They can actually modify our genetics. I researched Epigenetics also.

    A wonderful colleague of Dr. Tom's, Christa Orecchio, has many free videos on these subjects on youtube. She is a Diagnostic Nutritionist and also has an excellent website with free recipes showing what is harmful in our foods and environment, and also what is helpful, and how and why. For instance, spices like ginger and turmeric are hugely beneficial as anti-inflammatories. And much more valuable info.

    I have filled up almost a dozen notebooks this past year, learning, then making a change at a time. As soon as I cut out prepared, processed foods I noticed a big difference. I was non-gluten for many years, but wasn't considering hidden glutens in other foods such as condiments, etc.

    I'm reading Dr. Amy Myers book now - I think it's called The Autoimmune Solution. And Dr. Tom O'Bryan has a new book out on explaining the topics in the webinars. Also very helpful, Dr. Mark Hyman.

    Did you find anything helpful in the series? One thing he said somewhere that made so much sense to me - I think on another free series on Fibromyalgia, was that the reason people with CFS for instance - will all have very many different symptoms. But he said that the onslaught of environmental toxins, chemicals and antibiotics in meats, gluten, etc., as they build up in your system will affect your weakest genetic link! For one person it will be respiratory, someone else will get sinus infections, psoriasis, joint pains. That has puzzled me for years.

    I'm still working with all this valuable information. Many of these Dr's themselves - I think most - became ill themselves, and that motivated them to keep searching for solutions.

    If I didn't have all this other info. I would have been confused at the end of the webinar, on exactly, specifically what to do. I saw in the comments section that other people felt so too.

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  3. ljimbo42

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    Hello @windblade - I have also had cfs/fm for many, many years (about 30) and have recently made big improvements. My sister has ulcerative colitis but the last I new she had it in remission. Her name is Judy also.:) It sounds like you have done a lot of research and are on the right track, from my view. I am on a low carb diet, taking high dose probiotics and small doses on anti-biotic herbs. Since starting this diet, the probiotics and herbs, my energy had improved significantly and my thinking has become much clearer!

    I have had to make changes very slow though, to avoid a flaring of symptoms from bad gut bacteria dying off. I think you make a very good point about how our genetics create specific symptoms in people. For my sister it's IBD, for me it's cfs and moderately severe nasal allergies. For some one else it could be MS, arthritis or something else, depending on there genetic strengths and weaknesses.

    I am convinced, after 10 years of reading and researching, as well as trying many different treatment protocols for adrenal fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction, methylation and others, that my cfs was caused by countless courses of anti-biotics, probably 30-40 over many years. My diet was also devoid of whole foods, fruits and veggies for most of my life. These things wiped out most of the healthy bacteria in my gut, leaving the "bad" bacteria to overgrow, causing dysbiosis, a leaky gut, immune system dysfunction, IBS and mitochondrial dysfunction. All of these things were mentioned many times throughout the webinar.

    You asked if I found anything helpful in the series. I did have a few "light bulb" moments but most of all I found that it validated what I already felt to be true through researching and my own personal trials and errors. I have read a lot of info from Dr. Amy Myers and Dr. Mark Hyman over the last few years, as well as seen them in many webinars. They are very knowledgeable people, on the very cutting edge of functional medicine!

    We need many, many more doctors like them in the world.;) How do you like Amy Myers book so far? Glad you were able to get some useful info from the webinar. All the best to you in your healing! ...... Jim
  4. windblade

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    Hi Jim - it's encouraging to hear about the progress that you've made - with the same Functional Medicine Dr.'s that I've found. And your sister, too. Has she been using the same information that you have? I had a relapse last week from 3-4 months of huge amounts of stress. It brought back the fungal -mycotoxin symptoms that I've been fighting for all these years. I was so discouraged, but I'm getting back on track now.

    I'm half-way through a Gut Healing program by Dr. Tom O'Bryan and Christa Orecchio. I haven't been taking any probiotics for many months because they rec. not to use them until finishing the detox part. Saying that it feeds the bad bacteria too. I didn't realize that it would take me so long to get all of the foods, and figure out this complex program. Plus figuring out what kind of water filters to get for the apartment that my husband and I moved into 4 years ago. Our house was flooded by the hurricane/flooding of Hurricane Irene here on the East Coast. We weren't able to move out permanently for an entire year, so the mold really made me ill. We had to get rid of most of our belongings. But the place we're in now is really mold-free, with good sunlight and dry radiator heat.

    And just by changing all of my foods to organic, no processed or GMO, or additives has lowered the inflammation a lot so I haven't totally relapsed. My goodness, all those antibiotics you were taking! That would cause so many harmful reactions for you.

    In the "Betrayal" series, the one practical thing that Dr. Michael Ash had researched, was cooking 2 baking apples with cinnamon, and how this is a powerful anti-inflammatory. I think he said mostly for intestinal healing, but also that it was as strong as the strongest pharmaceuticals. Would that be steroids? So, I've added that to my resources, and it smells and tastes delicious. Reminds me of the apple pies my Grandmother used to make. :) I love cooking again after so many years. It's a delight.

    Hope you are doing well. Are you following anything specific at this point in your healing?

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    Hi Judy- My sister doesn't know very much about functional medicine,and she is afraid of it, unfortunately. She has her ulcerative colitis in remission with one of the newer drugs for it. Good to hear you are back on track after that relapse. Stress is a huge trigger for me as well. Stress was a major player in my symptoms getting so much worse about 10 years ago. I have realized after many years now, that flares do as much harm to me psychologically as they do physically.

    I often feel a sense of hopelessness and demoralized, like I am not making any progress, even when I clearly am, when I experience a flare. Sometimes even if it's a very minor flare, I will still feel that way. I think that the toxins from my leaky gut are triggering an immune reaction and causing both the fatigue and the psychological symptoms I experience. When the immune system is activated by anything like viruses, bacteria from a leaky gut or other infection, mold or fungus, or even a cold or flu virus, it creates an enormous amount of free radicals to kill off the pathogen, whatever the pathogen might be. These free radicals themselves are very toxic to both the pathogens and us.

    In any case where pathogens are causing chronic immune system activation, there will be vast amounts of toxins created by the immune system that will cause mitochondria to malfunction. Mitochondria are the power sources of about 95% of all bodily functions. When the mitochondria don't work right, are energy levels fall and we become fatigued. I also live on the east coast of the U.S. by the way, in New Hampshire.:) I'm sorry to hear about the devastating effects Irene had on you. Getting everything in place for me to heal has been much more complicated than I thought as well.

    You probably read in Amy Myers book, that she is very sensitive to mold too and treating it was part of her recovery. I remember Dr. Micheal Ash talking about the apples and cinnamon you mention and he did say that it was as powerful as steroids-Amazing! I'm taking 250 mg of Ceylon cinnamon every day, as well as some oil of oregano, to get rid of my dysbiosis and leaky gut. I'm not following any specific plan for healing. I have put together a plan from many people, mostly functional medicine doctors and tailored it to best fit my needs. I am still doing quite well, hope you are too, thank you for your good wishes and continued success in your healing!:) Jim

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