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    The site I got this from is...... And there is more information there......

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    Virtually every American has a health challenge. High blood pressure, diabetes and problemsarising from obesity have been on the rise for many years. How many people have you heard ofor known that died from colon cancer? Are you constantly tired and barely manage to get outof bed? Do you suffer from chronic constipation? Do you feel sluggish, depressed, physicallyweak, have memory problems and your concentration suffers? Do you feel aches and pains for which there seems to be no cause that can be determined? Some people have a year round cold,
    they have a painful swollen throat and ear aches almost all the time and they may have long given up looking for help from Doctors.

    S Y M P T O M S O F A U T O I N T O X I C A T I O N

    Autointoxication is a symptom that naturopathic doctors believe is responsible for many nagging
    chronic health problems which people who eat the American diet have.

    The wide range of symptoms that are most commonly experienced by most North Americans who
    have autointoxication are:

    Low Energy/Chronic Fatigue
    Bad Breath
    Skin Problems
    Chronic Headaches
    Aching Joints
    Muscle Cramps
    Poor Memory
    Yeast or Fungus Problems
    Cold Hands and Feet
    Frequent Colds and Infections
    Constipation or Diarrhea
    Slow Metabolism / Weight Gain
    Brittle Fingernails
    Limp, Dry Hair
    Shortness of Breath
    Hair Loss
    Varicose Veins
    Coated Tongue
    Low Sex Drive
    Sleep Disorders

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    reading about this many many years ago when I first started trying to find some answers and ways to help myself.

    I haven't checked more up to date info on this but some of the advice I read back them recommended quite extreme detoxification measures.

    I believe it was Dr Cheyney who pointed out that CFS patients who went on detoxification programmes could end up in ER. My acupuncturist warned me against such an approach saying that my body would not cope with such a programme.

    I do think it might be worth looking up though. We can detoxify but need to take it more slowly, starting with the right kind of diet, lots of veg and fruit (for those without a candida problem), brown rice, and millet.

    However, a lot of us benefit from a high protein diet so increasing our veg intake will help without the need to increase carbos. There are herbs that assist and support liver and kidney function which of course excrete toxins and of course a whole lot of supplements including amino acids.

    Skin brushing was another method I came across but that can seem very hard work for the most severely affected.

    The best detoxifer and the cheapest is water, most of us need more than the recommended amounts.


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    You are right about the water. I started drinking half my weight in ounces of water about a year ago, and believe me I feel so much better.

    If you can't do anything else, try drinking water.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Do you all know what the best way to detoxify your body is after you start on water?
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    This is a good subject and explains a lot.

    I have an easy read article here for anyone interested.

    But I guess the solution is the same advice given over and again is to have a well balanced diet.

    Processed food is lacking in enzymes - {{{ root of the problem }}}.
    These are absolutely essential, and the only way back to good health is to eat ONLY what comes naturally, and supplement with enzyme tablets. I am on these by Quest and they`re cheap as chips...

    Here`s the article.

    Most people are shocked to learn that the average person holds between 5 and 10 pounds of putrefied fecal matter and other foul material in the body.

    Do you have any idea what's really in your body? Most people will naturally list the obvious bones, muscles, blood, and of course the primary organs. What most people don't realize is that for most people, there is 8 to 10 lbs of rotted food, feces, and other rotten and foul material.

    The average lifespan of humans has grown tremendously over the last 100 or so years. Advances in science and medicine, an understanding of nutrition, and changes in public policy have literally increased the average life expectancy by 75% or more. It is not uncommon now to see people live well into their 80's, 90's or even 100 years or more.

    With this change however, comes many degenerative diseases that were relatively uncommon 100 years ago. Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, cancer and a host of others are relatively new in human culture because previously, most people didn't live long enough to acquire them. Consequently, we end up with people that have been termed "the walking wounded"... people that are only alive because of the medications that they are on.

    There are of course many factors. But one of the major ones is the vast amount of putrefied materials that we carry around with us. Our bowels are not working properly because of an imbalance in the body causing auto-intoxication.

    It is well understood that with so much garbage in our intestines, an imbalance can easily cause some of the corruption to leak out into the rest of the body.

    Though the body is an amazing creation and can handle a certain amount, continuous release of toxins into the body eventually weaken immune systems and can lead to degeneration of important systems and an intoxication of the body.

    How the Bowels Work

    The intestinal tract has two primary functions

    Food digestion and delivery of nutrients to the rest of the body.

    Elimination of undigested food and waste

    The intestinal tract is an amazing set of organs that start with the mouth, chewing and adding saliva to the food to start the digestive process.

    As the food moves through the esophagus, stomach, and the intestines, it is further broken down. Nutrients are pulled from the food, and the balance is eliminated from the body in the form of feces.

    When Things Go Wrong

    Most people don't have very healthy bowel systems. Constipation, diarrhea, and a host of digestive disorders keep quite a few doctors and drug companies in business.

    The reasons for this are simple. The primary cause of poor bowels are improper diet. Foods are processed instead of fresh. Food is often over-cooked. Preservatives inhibit the proper absorption of nutrients and many foods have a significant amount of non-nutritive fillers.

    Excess salt, fats and sugars are put into foods to make them more tasty, but these are death to the bowels. Fiber is often purposely pulled out of foods to soften the texture and that is the material that helps to keep the gut clean.

    Add to that beer, liquor, and other contaminants along with regular doses of antibiotics and other medications that kill off good bacteria and it's no wonder we end up with a gastric mess.

    As we age, there is also a natural decrease in the amount of digestive enzymes that are produced, leading to further gastric dysfunction. Put it all together and the human body absorbs fewer nutrients and leaves more putrefied fecal matter behind. This builds up and sets the stage for disease.

    Everyone has a wide array of good bacteria in their intestines. Under proper circumstances, these flourish and help the digestive process. In a bad environment however, these good bacteria die and leave room for the development of parasites and yeast such as Candida.

    These change the wall of the intestine making it more permeable causing "leaky gut syndrome". Leaky gut syndrome is the primary cause of toxins entering the blood stream from the intestine and puts additional strain on the kidneys and liver to remove the toxins.

    Though the kidneys and liver are incredibly efficient, they have their limitations. They become overwhelmed and unfiltered toxins are absorbed by other tissues leading to degenerative disease. Toxins absorbed by cells interfere with the cells normal cellular metabolism.

    Poor Bowel Function Causes Other Problems Too!

    If you bump up against something hot, you can immediately recognize what you have done and are very likely to guard against it in the future.

    But you can literally go for years eating a poor diet without many serious side effects. You can even go further with a poor diet by supplementing your intake with a host of digestive aids and others to treat the symptoms.

    The human body is generally great at handling the abuse that we give it. At some point however, treating your bowels poorly catches up... slowly and almost unnoticeably. Effects such as gas, bloating, nausea, aches and pains are often attributed to age or special circumstances when in fact, they are symptoms of a greater problem resulting from a long history of improper diet.

    Initial symptoms of a dysfunctional bowel system often include a lack of energy, lack of resistance to infection, headaches, gas, and a host of others.

    There may or may not be a total figure for the amount that Americans spend on reducing or eliminating the symptoms of unhealthy bowels; but regardless, the figure is staggering.

    People often make the mistaken assumption that because they have alleviated the symptom, they have cured the problem. In fact, the symptom is the cause of a greater problem that can't be handled by downing a few antacids or swallowing a few ounces of pink chalk.

    As things get worse, other more serious problems begin to appear ranging from Crohn's disease, immune deficiencies, cancer, and even rheumatoid arthritis. The list goes on... and on.

    Where does it begin? Generally during childhood. But as we live longer and consume more red meat, white flour, sugar, JUNK FOOD, coffee, antibiotics, prescription and over the counter medications, the problem compounds.

    Fortunately however, all is not lost. Senior adults won't necessarily regain the bowel function that they had when they were 25, but most people can notice a significant improvement in bowel performance if the follow the right track:

    People drink way too little water. Many people will go an entire day without drinking a single glass but derive their liquids from coffee, tea, soda, milk, beer, liquor, and juices. Those are not water! Your body needs water to allow its organs to function properly and to help eliminate waste. For most people, enough water means 8 glasses per day. I know, that sounds like a lot... and it is. But it's what your body needs.

    You can also stop further deterioration by changing your diet to include more fresh foods including several healthy helpings of vegetables and fruits per day. Avoid junk foods. Endorsement by an athlete doesn't change garbage into a wholesome food.

    Avoid large amounts of refined sugar and refined wheat products, especially those that contain yeast. When you do eat breads, go to those such as whole wheat or rye bread. They add more fiber to your diet and aren't as easily broken down into sugars.

    Avoid alcohol and don't take medications that you don't really need. Both of these kill beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract and set the stage for bad bacterial growth.

    These are lifestyle changes that can help to prevent further problems. Other more immediate actions can also be taken including intestinal and cellular cleansing, elimination of parasites, and reintroduction of beneficial bacteria.

    But before going on any of these programs, you should check them out with your primary care physician to determine your plan of action. Improperly treatment programs or other personal conditions may be ineffective or cause further problems.

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    Hello Shirl,

    I read several times how do you feel about water treatment, but was always shy to ask. ;) As using ISO, I am totally confused with the measurement system in USA or UK. Could you just explain me a bit more detailed. In what do you measure your weight?

    I drink not less than 2 liters of water per day. (I weight 70 kg.) I guess it is enough, but just to be on the safe side I may calculate.


    " You are right about the water. I started drinking half my weight in ounces of water about a year ago, and believe me I feel so much better. "
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    Alot of good information here.
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    is so much better than the info I came across a couple of dedades ago. Then you were advised to go on a diet that would not suit many people with these DDs.

    It was the reason so many people got into having regular colonics; too drastic for many, and they do wash out the good bacteria and well as all the bad stuff.

    Probiotics and plenty of the good foods, lots of water etc should do the job, but it will take time.

    Many of you will notice how many of these diets sound familiar, varied theories but similar solutions.