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    I am reading that fibromyalgia is a problem with the autonomic nervous system. The only test I can find for this is ansar. My doctor is not familiar with this test. Does anyone know about autonomic nervous system testing and how it might be able to help in treating fibromyalgia?
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    nice try.
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    my story. I have always had this feeling like I was going to pass out, especially from a squatting position.

    If I have been laying down then get up, I will get what I call white outs. I lose my vision and everything turns white, I feel dizzy. If I just stand still it passes and I go on.

    I have done this for years. No abnormal test, except the tachacardia that put me in the hospital. But just the tach, take topral and still have the problems.

    Had a heart cath- normal. I defintly want to look into this condition. Thanks for the great info. Carla
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    I am presently waiting for this test to be done. Surely they monitor you so that you don't actually pass out? Do you have any other info on it?

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    My friend with CFS had this done at Johns Hopkins and she did, indeed, faint or as she said, she passed the test.

    I've read since then that some idea of this dx. can be gained by taking a patient's blood pressure with them standing, then again lying down. I keep forgetting to ask my doctor about it, of course....

    As for treatment, again I refer to my friend's experience. She was given meds to increase her blood pressure but they didn't help.

    Be sure you drink LOTS of fluid.

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    Did google on tilt table test and found a lot of info on it, you're wired up so they can tell if you're gonna faint and lower the table so you don't. Phew!

    Cheers for the info,