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    Some people have asked for more information about autonomic response testing (ART). I posted that it showed which of my suppliments were helping me and which ones I should stop taking. Here's an article from National Integrative Health Associates. More info can be found at

    Allergy and Environmental Medicine
    Autonomic Response Testing

    Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a fancy name for the simple, yet highly effective biofeedback technique used at NI.H.A. to determine disturbances in your body and possible remedies. It is an advanced form of muscle testing AKA kinesiology. ART is non-invasive, non-electronic, and can be used to assess people of any age.

    The ‘autonomic’ in ART refers to the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of your nervous system responsible for all of the automatic functions in your body such as your heartbeat, breathing, digestion, healing, etc. Detectable and treatable problems within this part of your nervous system are present in all dysfunction (i.e. allergies), and all chronic diseases.

    ART is a valuable assessment tool that is helpful in determining root causes of health disturbances.

    ART is a Functional Assessment medical test used by the Holistic/Integrative Doctor, which measures bodily function (or dysfunction), not specific disease.
    Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who blended the muscle testing of American Applied Kinesiology with the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of German Neural Therapy developed ART. The result is a highly structured muscle testing biofeedback system designed to give reliable and reproducible results.

    The ANS is our functional nervous system, responsible for normal bodily functions and abnormal adaptation to health problems. Conventional medicine and many Holistic Practioners do not understand the role of the ANS in health and healing.

    ART is one of a growing number of functional assessment tools used by the Integrative Medical Doctor along with his/her Conventional Medical tests and sound Medical judgment to develop an Integrative Medical strategy.