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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by herbqueen, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member


    Has anyone tried this?
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's pricey. And it always bothers me when they come out with "new and improved". What
    was wrong with it to start?

    Might try Super Artemisinin. Cheney seems to use a version of this and his patients feel
    stronger. He calls it his best antiviral yet.

    But then, if I try it, it might skew the XMRV test. If I am positive for it, doc has promised
    me AZT or other retrovirus drugs.

    I know I tested positive for a retrovirus in 1991 at the Cheney Clinic...but I don't know which

  3. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    Can u keep us updated on your xmrv test and azt if u go down that path.
    sorry to hijack this thread.

  4. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Avemar has been routinely used in Hungary to augment chemo in cancer cases. It seems to improve chances but I do not know exactly how it would translate into any benefit for CFS patients. Avermar`s very specific effect is to suppress cell multiplication which is not a concern in cfs. In addition, Avemar (and antioxidants) might interfere with other medications you take.

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    To stop the cell repilcation of XMRV is what the researchers are using the HIV drugs for.
    They have of the 28 found 4 that seem to do that. This is on the homepage of this

    Heapsreal. If I could find a doc who would rx AZT, I would be on it now. I feel I am more
    and more limited in what I can do.

    I saw my doc last week. (the one who said he would order it for me). Now he wants me
    to be positive to the XMRV test first. Well, of course, that would be nice. But I have
    a feeling that after taking Kutapressin and Transfer Factors for 18 years, I might not
    test positive. I do have a test from 1991 that I test positive for retrovirus.

    Also, I look so darn healthy that it is difficult for even family members to realize the
    depth of my disability. For example, I just hired a home schooled 15 yo to come and do
    the dusting and swiffering of the floors cause I can't do that anymore.

    But, to your question. Yes, I will certainly post if I am able to get AZT and how I do.

  6. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Preventing cell multiplication and viral replication are two very distinct things. AVEMAR has never been used for the latter.

    Finally, DO NOT take AZT. I understand your fervor and we all would like to take steps instead of just waiting but the time simply has not come. AZT is a very toxic compound and there is no firm evidence to link XMRV to CFS. We all have to wait. A failed AZT trial might cause a significant deterioration of your medical condition.

    At this time, no one thinks you are sick. This might change.

    I have a high heavy metal burden. However, using DMSA and DMPS caused a huge deterioration. We simply do not have all the pieces of this puzzle. I fear you might make a similar mistake.


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