Average Dose of Topamax?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ourplanet, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. ourplanet

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    Anyone know the average maintenance dose of topamax for fibro pain, not migraines? Just started 4 days ago and am in excruciating pain. Dosage will not be increased for 3 1/2 weeks. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Thanks a bunch.
  2. ourplanet

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    Me again. Bump please.
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  4. daylilyfan

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    I just asked about doses on this and didn't get many replies.

    I am in a really bad flare, and my Rheumy recently started me back on this - a couple weeks ago. She started me at
    two 25 mg when I get up
    two 25 mg late afternoon
    three 25 mg at bedtime
    (I work 2nd shift so keep that in mind)

    A couple days ago, she said add one more pill to each dose, so that makes it
    three 25 mg when I get up
    three 25 mg late afternoon
    four 25 mg at bedtime

    I tolerate this med well, and have been on as much as 175 mg a day in the past. I thought she would start me out at one 25mg tab a day, going up one 25mg tablet a week like they did the first time I was on it. I questioned her about this --- but she said that since I had taken 175 in the past without problems, I should have no problems starting at that dose again, even though it had been a year. She was right, I had no problems. I felt the improvement within a couple days.

    If you have not been on it before, they bring you up really really slow. I remember when I started on it the first time, I had dizzyness, and some really odd feelings. I stuck with it and they went away. The only long lasting side effects I have had is that anything carbonated tastes really odd, I crave water to drink (not that I am thirsty all the time, just that when I am, the only thing I want is water) and I rarely get hungry. Occasionally I get pains kind of behind my eyes. I go to an eye surgeon instead of an optomitrist because I am very severely nearsighted (I wear very strong contacts and still have to wear glasses with them) and I've had him check me out several times on the topamax, and he says I'm fine. When I stopped taking the topamax, all the side effects went away. The reason I stopped taking it before is that my Dr. moved away, and the new one wanted me to go way down to 50 mg a day, and at that dose it didn't help my pain, so I quit taking it. Now I am seeing a Rheumy for the fibro that actually believes in giving me enough of the meds to help.

    Look down through the last couple days of posts for my name as starting posts "daylilyfan" as I have asked a few questions about it in the last couple days.
  5. TKM

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    for migraines. all I need is 25mg in the morning and 50mg at night. It has not helped my fibro pain at all. But I have not had a migraine. And anything carbinated tastes real wierd. No pop for me!


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