avinza ?

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    I just wondered if anyone takes this and the pros and cons of it, Im on perocets but take the

    max dose, and with cold weather comming it brings on more pain for me, so my Dr gave me

    these, and Im just to use the perks for breakthrew pain and take the avinza all the time now

    and when I saw it was morphine I was worried, so If anyone uses this I would love your input

    about it please,and thanks
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    Hi i don't use the avinza as of yet anyway,however i do have a friend on it.She is making out fantastic with it.She barely so far has any bad days anymore.as for the cold weather i don't know she started during the summer.she said she would let me know.cause like you the cold weather means more painfor me also.my doctor is in the midst of trying to find what works better for me.was on 40 mgs of methadone but have been off it for a while.so i am back on it only 10 mg a day with 5 5/325 norco aday which is not working need more of the methadone or at least something like it.i would like to try demeral i know i can tolerate that had at both my c sections.
    well let me know what you decide ok.
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    I've never heard of avinza, I'm on 7.5/325 norco, 1to2 tablets up to 4 times daily for my FM pain.
    I used to take 500 mg vicodin, same number of tablets daily and it stopped working for me. I also take 120 mg Cymbalta daily for FM pain.
    Anyway, there are days that this combination does not work for me, especially when the weather changes, and I know my pain gets worse in cold weather.
    So, it's ok to take more than 1 type of narcotic pain reliever??? I don't know, but if the norco continues to not work for me, I'd like to know what next to ask my doc for.