Avoidance of expenditure on ME and CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tansy, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. tansy

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    I have posted this on another topic but thought it should be made more visable: it hlps to explain why so little funding is being provided for good quality research along with a lack of important information on both sides of the big pond.

    This is an extract from Invest in ME's latest newsletter.

    "Invest in ME have translated an article from the Norwegian ME Association which clearly shows the failings in the NICE guidelines. It is a sad fact that some European healthcare services are under the impression that adoption of the UK NICE Guidelines for ME/CFS would be a sensible approach and could save money. This impression is false and will lead to neither appropriate nor economical services being supplied.

    NICE typifies the problems with an establishment organisation that cannot deal with the latest evidence and stays rooted to past, flawed perceptions whilst attempting to enforce its main objective - avoidance of expenditure."

    tc, Tansy
  2. TeaBisqit

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    We generate a fortune in medical expenditures. Think about it, how many of us run to doctors, how many of us try a million medical treatments and procedures all in attempts to get well, how many of us need many, many medical tests and prescrips. The medical systems around the world are making a fortune off of us. So are alternative supplement manufacturers. It is not cost effect for us to be cured or have a real treatment that works. You could say we are the medical system's favorite dream. Patients who need endless care, therefore, they constantly make money every time we walk through the door. Why would they want us cured? If we were cured, they'd lose millions of dollars all around the world.
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    WOW this is amazing.
    Lots of people are now saying what I have been saying for many years about the pharma INDUSTRY and that is they have no reason to find a cure for anything. It's bad for their bottom line.
    Think about it, medicine "cures" nothing. In fact all they do is make matters worse in the long run.
    Add to that the additives to our food that cause problems to begin with and you can see where things are heading. Here we sit trusting them and killing ourselves one spoon full at a time.
    The FDA needs to be shut down and the pharma needs a total overhaul.
  4. TeaBisqit

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    are killing us.

    There are alot of sneaky things they do, like constantly changing the guideline for high cholesterol and sugar. That way, even if you really are within normal range they can tell you that you aren't and MUST have these DRUGS to "fix" it. And if you dare do that, considering you never had a problem before, those "miracle" drugs will cause side effects that really will make you very ill. I witnessed this with my mother. They told her that her sugar and cholesterol were high and she needed to be on meds. Well, as soon as the docs started messing with her, THEN she had problems. She started to get lightheaded and her sugar became uncontrollable. She never had a problem before this. And the cholesterol drug made her sick, too. They put her on Enbrel for her severe psoriasis, and I believe the Enbrel contributed to her death. She was on alot of meds by that time, too many.

    I find that I am actually alot better if I stay away from docs. Anything they try on me makes me worse. I don't trust any of them anymore. The drug companies give them HUGE perks like you wouldn't believe, my uncle is a doc. When he treats someone, he isn't caring about that person's health, he's just thinking of his next FREE cruise paid for by the drug companies, so he can't wait to write that next prescrip.

    As far as the food industry goes, I believe they are in complete collusion with the drug companies. I think they add things that are causing the epidemic of acid reflux/GERD to our foods. I'm sure they add alot of things that harm us. We are no longer able to eat foods the way they were intended to be eaten because they are always full of chemicals, preservatives, additives, colorings, fillers. We probably don't get much nutrients out them anymore.

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