avoiding eye contact symptom of ADD?

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  1. Sandyz

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    My 12 yr. old has moderate attention deficiet Disorder and really has gotten bad the last year at not wanting to make eye contact with people. I have questioned him and I know nothing else is going on with him.

    I was wandering if anyone with experience with ADD knows if that is a symptoms.

    Thanks so much.
  2. imgreat

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    Hi Sandyz,
    I am the parent of two add kids and know the subject first hand. Was your child dx and started on meds? Self-esteem is an ongoing issue with these kids. There's a very high incidence of learning disabilities that only adds to the issue. Eye contact is a self-esteem issue and very common with thses kids. I've always felt that a stimulant and an antidepressant combination is what's needed for a really great result. I know alot of people have alot of opinions on this subject but many have never lived and had to cope with the complexity of the disorder. Write back and we'll discuss it further. good luck!
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    My Daughter was diagnosed as ADHD at age 8. She is now 16. For 4 years she was successfully treated with Ritalin until puberty altered her bloodchemistry and she was switched to Adderall.She has had lots of self esteem issues also.I agree that lack of eye contact is probably a symptom of this.Our whole family has worked for years on developing the fragile self esteems of all of our children. My Son was severely depressed at age 11. On medication and therapy. His self esteem was harmed terribly by bullies , racism, and a learning disibility.He is now 18 and a finer, sweeter, kinder young man you could not find.My husband and I spent a lot of time studying Learning Disibilities, childhood Depression and ADHD. The Librarian got to now me well!You need to find out everthing about everything about him, what he thinks . How he feels. His opiniuons about everything. Listen to him sincerely.His points of view. The more you listen, the more he will talk to you. Develop his trust that you won't judge him harshly.Here's hope, Geralynn
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    My child was truly moderate in the sense that he had no learning disablities yet he couldn't focus or keep up with the rest of the pace without push. He was distracted yet he was not horribly disruptive and wasn't a trouble type personality. He was definitely one that could have fallen through the cracks and ended up with self esteem issues.

    After a reluctance to give over to meds on my part, we finally decided to try. After several attempts with Concerta & Adderal at different dosages, the ONLY thing that I have truly SEEN make a difference with my child has been the combo of Stratera & Concerta. I was giving up hope and this has renewed it. It's never over with issues, however, they are so much more manageable and even laughable at times.

    12 years old is not too late...it's never too late to begin again. Just take the steps and keep pushing until you find what works for your child. It has worked for us, finally.
    Good Luck to you.
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    Don't usually come here -normally on FMS board, but dedcided to take a peek, and caught your post.

    My lad has ADHD, and also Asperger's Syndrome. He used to have major probs with eye contact, something v common for people with AS. It's to do with their inability to read 'body language' and also to do with 'hypersensitivity'. They just find it 'hurts' too much, so don't do it. I firmly believe that folks with ADHD are also hypersensitive, picking up too many signals and not being able to decide which are important and which aren't. So this could be the prob with yr son - only a suggestion, but hope it helps:)

    Since my lad has been on Ritalin/Concerta he has got so much better, even in this area. For him meds have benn a real good thing:)

    All the best
  6. Sandyz

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    I appreciate your imput. It helps. No, my son has never been on any medication for it. His grades have always been very good inspite of the ADD. So the doctors always thought maybe he didn`t need it. Going into 7th grade, the work might be harder and maybe that could be more difficult for him, so maybe he will need something in the future.

    I did find a product called "beCALM`d" I have been using it on him for a month. It has really made a difference. He is way more focused and calmer. Also, his eye contact is back. I hope it keeps working. It is a supplement with cal/mag and amino acids. Its for ADD, depression, anxiety.

    He does have a lot of symptoms that sound like Asperger. He does seem hypersensitve to everything, including tastes, smells. I`m going to look up more information on it.

    Thanks for your help,
    Sandyz[This Message was Edited on 09/08/2003]