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  1. nanswajo

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    Thought I'd see if anyone is here. Chat can sometimes be just that: chat. I have not been sleeping well lately. Just woke up from a terrible work related nightmare. Very distraught and hubby is out of town.

    Yesterday at work I had an uneasy feeling all day like something just wasn't right but didn't know what. Hard to explain. Anyone else ever have this? Woke up with migraine. It is 5:30 AM here and I have to "getup" for work at 6:45. We are short staffed and I am the assistant manager, so can't take time off this week or next as we have LOTS of weddings to get done. Boss is sympathetic, but needs me.

    What is this wierd feeling? I know anxiety and this doesn't seem like it. I'm new to FMS, so am still learning weird symptoms. Also yesterday I kept feeling tiny pricks in certain stops on my face mostly.

    Anyone there?

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  2. mtnfla

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    too not being able to sleep well lately,especially after the week I have had you will find on the Sevre Head Pain post..I have been a nervous wreck since the first one,a week ago today.

    Right now the Dr has me out of work and no driving thil I see the neurologist Friday(tomorrow),work not too happy considering we are short handed also on the over night crew.

    I get those weird feelings also and they are very uncomfortable.Sorry you woke up with a migraine and feel for you having to go into work with one.

    Sometime I can function somewhat at a slow pace with one and than there are times I can't budge from the bed for days.

    Sure do hope you can get some relief,hopefully will have a slow day at work(not sure what type of work you do,but any type of work with a migraine is a very hard task to do).

    Take care,Marianne
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    This is going to sound very weird, but have you ever had experiences with knowing things before they happen? I get that feeling sometimes--that something isn't right or that something is about to happen; for me, I usually get that feeling before something not that good happens. Sometimes I am able to figure out what it is. Since you dreamed about work, I guess I would be inclined to think that something will happen related to your work.

    But, I've never experienced the prickly spots on my face before in conjunction with this; for me, if I get those it is because of either too much or not enough oxygen.

    I don't have any advice, just my thoughts.

    Take care,
  4. nanswajo

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    Thanks everyone. Getting started at work today was very hard, but eventually during the day it was better. I took a Zomig, which is like an Imitrex, for the migraine and that helps so much. I've just been taking alot lately. I tried Topomax years ago and it did not seem to help me, but maybe I should try again. I hear good things about it.

    The FMS is getting worse and these prickly feelings are weird. My memory is gettting worse too. I can cover it up OK right now at work but I think I will have to get a notebook and calendar to keep track of things.

    Nichole: your thought doesn't sound weird to me at all. Yes, I have had experiences where it feels as if something is wrong and there IS something wrong--usually with my family--so I called my sister, but everything is OK there. Good idea about work. Hmmm.

    I'll be starting warm pool therapy soon and I hope that helps me. My PT is very nice and really understands FMS. All these weird symptoms of Fibro are freaking me out. Glad I am not alone!

    I'll call my doc tomorrow. I hate that this disease is so high maintainence. I feel like I have so many appointments.