awake doing the marathon to and from the toilet every night!

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    Suffering really bad irritable bladder, as soon as i get back in bed i want to go to the toilet, so up again and i do go. Its driving me nuts, daylight comes up and i've spent the entire night walking to and from the bloody loo all night ahhhh! i have fibro by the way. suggestions greatly welcomed.
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    Thank you freida i'll give your suggestion a go, i am female, and i use to get urinary infections, but this is more irritable bladder and yes it is painful.
    Another friend said about avoiding foods, and i recall eating tomatoes that night which she said is a no no. I don't have high blood pressure so i'm gonna try the baking soda. My fibro friend also suggested taking a piriton (anti histamine tablet). So did that last night and it was ok, but can still feel the urgency, i haven't got any physilogical probs as i know of. She said theirs also a herbal remedy called Prelief, but as im in uk we have to order it from america. Anyhow gonna try the baking soda.

    Thanks so much let you know how it goes, Cheers!
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    Have had this prob for yrs but no pain..Almost like I have takrn a diuretic..I believe it is a histamine reaction affecting bladder hormones...anyway very low dose Doxepin elixir seems to help a lot and have a look at a low histamine diet. Google...Both these help my digestion, sleeop and bladder irrritability.
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    Have you had your fasting blood sugar levels tested lately? One of the early signs of diabetes is frequent urination. I was diagnosed last year and couldn't stay out of the bathroom at times. I also was thirsty all the time, unusual for me.
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    If you have a UTI, as you know, nothing will get rid of it except for the correct antibiotic ... not cranberry juice or any other thing ... they will relieve the symptoms but will not get rid of the UTI.

    As mentioned above, you should be checked for diabetes.

    Or, it sounds like it could possibly be Chronic Interstitial Cystitis. Google it and read all about it to see if it sounds like you. I was diagnosed with having it from a Urologist years ago. I have taken Elimoron for it ever since and it definitely helps.
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    Nice to meet you, too, Leah!

    Yes, I take the Elmiron by mouth. I take 2 capsules twice a day. As a matter of fact, I've never taken it by catheter.

    I have had no side effects and no other trouble at all.

    Is that what you take for IC, or do you take anything?