Awake with a sore throat...anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    I have to say, this CFS relapse has been the worst I've had as far as the sore throat is concerned. My glands are swollen and I have that feverish, flu-like feeling. But I've also got this terrible sore throat on and off. It's just a constant, nagging sore throat. Usually I can tell when I'm relapsing because I'll get that same flu-like feeling and I'll have a slight sore throat. But this is bad. And then the swollen glands on top of it. Gosh, I cannot wait to see my infectious disease doc. I'm telling you, he had better actually do something for me because I think I'm on the verge of exploding. Lol. Maybe it's good, though, that I go in with that attitude, because I can actually be assertive and tell him exactly what I need.

    I just want to feel better again. I mean, I know it's possible to feel "normal". For 3 months I felt great...I just want to get back to feeling like that ASAP. The worst part about it is that I didn't do anything differently than I'm doing now. Somehow my body just decided to actually do what it needed to do. Oh well, I guess that's CFS for ya!

    Hugs to all,
  2. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Since I've been feeling better, I get the sore throat less often. But I definitely know that feeling.

    I still get it when a flare is coming on. That's when I rest extra and don't cheat at all on eating--only eat very good food.

    Good luck with the infectious disease doc.
  3. ILM

    ILM New Member

    My throat is almost always sore.
    If it gets bad I take ibuprofen and cold drinks and it usually helps.
    IMO the best thing for a sore throat is ice cold, almost frozen ginger ale, it feels so good when my throat is raw.

    The bad thing is I try to stay soda free, b/c of the sugar, then I have a bad flare up and start drinking it again, then wean off it again.

    Another thing that helps when I am soda free, is drinking lots of water.
    I don't like plain water, so I drink flavored Propel. They don't have much sugar and it's easy to drink.
    I drink 4-6 a day and my throat doesn't get too raw as long as I am drinking the water.

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