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  1. pasara

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    sometimes i think i am so used to being in pain that i do not notice it. it has become the norm for me.

    i am not sure this is bad or good.

    on the one hand, i know if you focus on pain you feel worse, and that sometimes bringing your awareness elsewhere is a good coping method.

    on the other hand, all of sudden i realize i am suffering badly and it has drained me of energy and strength, hitting me hard, and i'll realize my whole body is filled with immense tension. then i think it would have been better to be ahead of the game.

    do others experience this?
    has anyone come to conclusions about this?
  2. vannafeelbettr

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    I am one of those that tries to keep busy, to distract myself that I am in pain so I don't notice. But, as you say, then you get that horrible crash from not pacing yourself. But, I'd rather deal with the crash instead of pacing myself. I want to live my life to the fullest, to experience and do all I can. I am a strong, extreme person. When I put my mind to doing something, I let nothing stand in my way (not even my pain). When I am on my deathbed (ready to be done with this beat-up body), I will know I will have lived with no regrets:)
  3. 3gs

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    Understand what you mean been there done that.
    But its the worst thing you can do because then it takes longer to get on top of the pain and you have stressed your body out more.

    Also had friend who did this and paid the price now she understands its not a bad thing to take pain meds.

    Your body is telling you yes you foscused somewhere else and didnt notice pain but the tension and hurting let you know its still there.

    If Im hurting I no longer but it aside I take my meds!

  4. homesheba

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    from pain
    that i actually have to remind myself
    to lower my shoulders from around my neck!!
    i am so hunched over from it..
    . then i hurt even more.