awful abdominal/stomach pain...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Chilene

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    i've only had this a few times, but the last was only a few weeks back. last time it turned out to be viral, i think... never sure, what with cfs/fibro/nerve pain AND herpes outbreaks (which usually give me nausea, but not vomiting, and usually not abdominal pain). not sure if this is the same:

    i have horrible stomach pain and belching... possibly after eating dairy (i've been eating more dairy lately, and usually don't have much) it started soon after i had a cream soup and coffee (though i have coffee every day without trouble...)

    last night my stomach hurt briefly after some dairy, too (that never happened when i used to consume it more, though, in the past...). but that ended quickly...

    i may be getting a herpes outbreak, so this could be it, also... as i had nausea after eating today, too (a pattern when i get outbreaks)... this pain started a few hours back after the nausea... i also feel constipated but have nearly diarrhea-like stools (sorrrry!)... which happens lots.

    i also get chills and nearly feel like i will faint from such silly pain (i bet that's an over-the-top fibro reaction--i have that reaction with most even low-level pain).

    just mad as it's a new thing... and i nearly had to run home from the store cuz i felt like the pain would make me pass out...

    any thoughts? ;)


  2. Chilene

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    ech... i think it's viral!...

    just feeling fluish/icky all over... i think it's the dreaded herpes outbreak... it gives me like a 'mini-flu' every time! and sometimes it's once a month!...

    right now, battling herpes with such a weak immune system, makes herpes the worst part of my overall health issues... as it takes days or a week or more out of each month! (and NO, i can't take antivirals; totally allergic, nor even lysine, red algae or olive leaf oil! my allergies are THAT bad).

    well, this is my thought for now... i'll get back later...
  3. PVLady

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    You might has gastritis. It also sounds like you are having spastic colon. I would definitely see a gastro doctor or your regular doctor. There are very good meds to help you feel better.

    One is Donnatal which has phenobarbital to calm the spasms and you will feel alot better.

    It could be so many things wrong - hope you see the doctor... they may want to take a look at your stomach.
  4. Chilene

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    thank you for your thoughts!... i do need to check into all that you both mention, in general, as my stomach is been exceptionally bad the last few years.

    however, just now... it is pretty clear that i have some sort of virus...(sick all over)... (on top of the usual!;)... it might be the herpes (i get fluish with that as well), or just some other bug...

    fibro hugs !