awful "brain fatigue"

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  1. yellowbird

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    For 1 1/2 years now i have had this awful, mental fatigue. if i talk on the phone or use the computer for longer than, say 10-15 mintues a day, my brain starts to feel like squashed hamburger & if i really push it i can wind up with a 'relapse' & be unable to talk on the phone or use the computer for more than a few tiny minutes per day. It can then take me months to build back up to 10-15 mins. I find this extremely disabling as i live alone, am housebound and have noone who can help with sometimes necessary phone calls. Also it is of course very isolating.

    anyone else have this?


  2. springrose22

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    Exactly the same, when I talk on the phone whether it be for personal business or a friendly telephone call, or work at the computer like you do, I sure do "crash" terribly to the point where I can hardly walk! I totaly understand, it is one of the main symptoms of CFS: the inability to tolerate either physical or mental activity or a relapse will occur. Take care, my dear. Marie
  3. Gail8899

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    I have this too. I find that it is worse for me than the pain.

    Getting anyone who does not have it themselves to understand is impossible.

  4. JimB

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    B12 might help.(There are two types tho).

    Excerpts from Dr. Cheney's Report:

    Dr. Paul Cheney’s
    Treatment pyramid for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS)
    by Dr. Paul Cheney

    - Magnesium is an important element. They are magnesium depleted.

    - Extra vitamin E because they’re vitamin E depleted.

    In chronic fatigue syndrome patients,
    two thirds of them have no detectable B-12 in their brains, even though their blood levels are normal.
    We use high doses. We prefer hydroxycobalamin, and perhaps methylcobalamint.
    Cyanocobalamin is the normal B12.
    Methylcobalamin** (neuro-B12) is form of B12 that gets PAST the blood brain-barrier to the brain.

    ** You can buy this in sublingual(absorbed under the tongue)
  5. yellowbird

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    have been taking the same meds a long time, & need the one's i'm on too...i doubt it's that... maybe i should try magnesium though.
    how does one know what kind & what dose?
  6. moonbeam032365

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    I know how everyone feels i just cannot concentrate on anything. My brain feels like its on over load all the time. I can't think and have a hard time spelling . I also find it hard to keep up in a conversation. I find my self asking people to repeat what they say . And that is embarrassing.
  7. emiltim

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    I thought it was just me....
    I can be talking to someone, or at a birthday party,etc.- and I just "shut down". I hate it! It's like I'm overstimulated or something.