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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dixie_Amazon, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. Dixie_Amazon

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    Friday I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor that Dx'ed me. I am informed by the receptionist that Dr. G. is no longer there and that she is now with a geriatric group.

    Gee, thanks for letting me know ahead of time.

    So they work me in with a new doctor there. When I say new I mean it seemed like it was her first week in a practice. She was very sweet but very tentative.

    I left with no new Rx to try instead of Flexeril, a referral for physical therapy, a recommendation to go to a psychiatrist and foul mood.
  2. Catseye

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    Is it just ignorance or arrogance that causes them to send us to shrinks? I would only tell someone to see a shrink if

    1. they were a good friend and I honestly knew they were crazy.
    2. I didn't like them and wanted to insult them.
    3. I was making a joke!
    4. they were my mother-in-law who once picked up a gun from the kitchen table where my father-in-law had left it and shot a hole in the wall because she didn't think anyone would be dumb enough to leave it sitting around loaded. Their "funny" farm is out in the sticks and this was decades ago but the bullet hole is still in the kitchen wall.
    5. they were my father-in-law because he's still married to my mother-in-law.

    I would admit to a patient I didn't know what was wrong before I would be rude and insensitive enough to say to someone, "you're obviously a nut and need to work it out with a head doctor." That's honest English for "you should maybe consider going to a psychiatrist."

    Not only did my liver doctor say it, but when I went to the ER, they said it, too!! Idiots!! There's a special place in hell for doctors who send people to psychiatrists when they have fm or cfs. They have to sit in a waiting room, bleeding, with my mother-in-law, then they have to make an appt. Then they have to come back on a Sunday and watch the psychiatrist play golf. Then they have to talk to the psychiatrist while he's not paying attention. Then they send these idiots to hell's basement where they play dodgeball with herpes, mycoplasma, HIV, hep a,b and c, Epstein Barr and every other virus and there's no protection, no vaccines, and no drugs!!!! Then they'll remember when they sent me to a psychiatrist.

    sorry, I really went off here. You'll just have to find a good doc by word of mouth or look at the treatment protocols of doctors like Cheney and Titelbaum and treat yourself. That's what I've had to do. good luck! karen
  3. alaska3355

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    They should have let you know ahead of give you a choice in the matter. It's enough trouble to get there and all. Well, I hope at least the Flexeril helps a little but it sounds like you'll be looking for a new doctor.
  4. Dixie_Amazon

    Dixie_Amazon Member

    Thanks you two. I have been to a shrink before for depression and then ADD (I think it was the root of the depression.) So now doctors always think there is a Psych angle.

    I am going to try the Flexeril again. Last time the gastro side effects were a pain all their own.

    On top of this my DH and my Ortho doc (DH's high school buddy) seem to think this would all go away if I lost weight. Yes I need to lose weight and it would help my knees and feet but my joint problems started in high school. I was 5'9" and 125#, not exactly fat. Besides I don't think weight is a factor in my trigger thumb or the herniated disc in my neck.

    Thanks for listening to my rant!
  5. are believed to add to/and or trigger this illness...BUT..

    When I first got sick-and symptoms were somewhat vague, but, I had no other pains than I'd had at age 18(my mother* diagnosed me THEN with early fibro, due to severe hip & neck pain, & muscle spasms often.)

    Car wreck at 19 (car flipped side over side, or 'barrel rolled' twice, through a ditch, landed right side up, but roof came in first roll, & broke collarbone, slammed neck sideways a bit.) That started the ball rolling.

    At 21 my mother begged me not to go into the military, she knew I was too sick. But, I needed to feel worth something, do something for MYSELF to be proud of, and get away from the toxic people I was hanging out with, to grow up some. It was way past time...

    Now, I've had emotional abuse/head games from my father, since birth. Just has a sick* sense of 'humor' and bi-polar disorder, never treated-he was just plain cruel, and unpredictable. Parents divorced at age 10, though, and a wonderful stepfather stepped in..

    Anyways, I've had physical traumas out the wazoo, emotional, and throughout high school....not so nice experiences with guys. A lot. I went through therapy many times. Age 14-15, (until my therapist & I found out at the same time, IN SESSION...that the 'abusive boyfriend' I was seeing......was his nephew.) :-O He made it very clear that he despised him, and was only related 'by marriage'--didn't matter---how embarassing!

    Anyways, my point is, to all this that, I've never been afraid to stop and SAY, "I need help with this" life is just tremendously rough, and overwhelming sometimes. I dealt with a lot of deaths in high school and the two or so years after. I sought help. I believe in it, especially since my body does not handle anti-depressants well at ALL--and they don't get RID of the pain, or help deal with the root of the depression/anxiety...

    YET--I'm 22 (in 2000 when I got sick) I am just 4 months into my wonderful marriage, job at the hospital I loved, in the national guards for around a year and a half, combatmedic, LOVED IT...--My life was as good as it'd ever gotten for me. WONDERFUL.

    Suddenly, I'm vomiting, low-grade fever every single day, up and down by the minutes*, etc....

    What does EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR* ask me, that my PCP refers me to? FIRST QUESTION--I don't even know these jerks yet.. but ohhhh 22yrs old, new wife--depressed "have you been sexually/physically abused?" I answered, and truthfully, and made it clear, those were the worst years of my life, and I was now having the BEST ONE, until illness struck suddenly----


    My primary, at the suggestion of a horrible, crude rheumatologist my aunt had warned me about, but was the only one within 40-60miles--suggested I see a psychiatrist, for evaluation of "somatization disorder"

    BUT--First, it just KILLED me, that my primary was telling me "DR H. is good, my SON SEES HIM---" HELLO!?? THEN WHO* has the PROBLEM? Uhh. whatever, I obliged.

    And triumphed, getting the 'last laugh' so to speak. The man WAS good. He agreed, throughout my life, I probably DO suffer MILD DEPRESSION, and when PHYSICALLY taken care of, might consider counseling sessions later.

    He was MAD they'd put me on Paxil, my leg didn't stop kicking the entire time I was in his office, he said, "I don't know WHY they sent you here now, with vomiting, pain, etc---and I DO NOT think you should be on PAXIL."


    I LOVED telling my doctor, when she said "what did dr H. say?" Getting to say to her "here's exactly what he said--he did NOT know why anyone would send me there, as sick as I am, with the vomiting, etc... and that he DID NOT think I needed to be on PAXIL, but that yes, (partially due to the ILLNESS) I have mild depression, and when better physically, could use some therapy to help."

    HA! In your face Doc. He truly was angry, and thought they were the whacko's. That's rare. Thank goodness for him.

    Meanwhile, my poor husband in the waiting room, had to listen to a poor man who was OBVIOUSLY very mentally ill, talking about "I don't care what they say, I'm taking over the world tomarrow." Then said, "I'm going to throw myself off the planet" !!!! My husband is very shy by nature, and had NO idea what to say to this man, for fear of him taking it wrong, and getting angry, or violent, so, hubby just played along, as if he understood, totally, & kinda grinned, & chuckled...the look though...was "OMG LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!"

    I truly felt for the man. Glad he was getting help...and glad I had someone saying the LAST thing MY DOCTORS needed to be doing, was sending me to a psych, weighing 116, and not keeping anything down.

    Never been told to see a 'shrink' again. My integrative doc knows I WANT to see a counselor, that specializes in chronic illness. I used to, by his referral, and she was a registered nurse, and had her masters in science degree as well, but, after just 6 or so sessions, she was offered a wonderful job to teach nursing full time. I understood her taking it. She'd get summers off with her children...and as a counselor, she hardly EVER got paid by ppl's insurance, etc..

    Doctors are so cruel, AND hypocritical--sending me to HER SON'S psychiatrist. Worry bout your son's mental well-being doc. Help my PHYSICAL ailments.


    Sorry your appt went so sour on ya. I've had several doctors also leave the STATE without telling me, or switch offices accrossed town, etc. I was PRETTY SURE, when leaving--doctors were supposed to give you 30 days notice, or SOME notice, to find another doctor! GRR.


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