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    I was amazed to see an article listed on this web site that recounts a study that showed that Azithromycin was effective in significantly reducing the symptoms of CFIDS and FM in 60% of the cases. Yet the author of the study did not make the logical conclusion that CFIDS has a bacterial cause. Azithromycic is a relatively new Antibiotic that penetrates the brain barrier and has been shown to be highly effective in treating Neuro Lyme. How could a scientist ignore this logic. In fact I have yet to see the words "Lyme Disease" mentioned on this web site.
    I do not understand. Is this site part of the conspiracy to downplay the growing pandemic that is Lyme Complex? I wonder.
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    we talk about it a lot, a growing number here have found they are positive for lyme. I posted the article about azithromycin on this board too and did get responses, btw.

    Besides many going to LLMDs, there are also those of us on the Marshall Protocol, etc... and others dx'd with mycoplasma and various other bacterial chronic infections.

    And there's a certain number of us who continually point out the connection with lyme, mycoplasma, etc. It is very confusing when one gets the dx of CFIDS or FM initially, and every doctor seems to tell one something different - if they 'believe in it' at all.

    It is just so hard for many if not most to find a good LLMD unfortunately, and not everyone responds the same anyway. For instance, my son has been doing abx now for 16 months but without a huge amount of success, while others who have had it longer have responded relatively much more quickly.

    And, my guess is there are other types of infections, like viral or fungal, that can also be at the basis.


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    Yes, xithromax is very helpful to me. My dr. will give it to me up to 4 times a year; he is retiring, and I pray whatever new dr. I get will keep it up.

    Lyme is discussed in great length on this board; many have tested positive for it and are taking antibiotics.

    Type Lyme in the Search box in top area of this page, by title and content. You will be amazed, enlightened and supported in your theories!

    Best to you,
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    The author didn't conclude that CFIDS is caused by a bacterium is because it cannot be scientifically derived from such a study. The most one can logically say is that there appears to be a connection between unknown bacterial infection(s) and CFIDS. A lot more research would need to be done to identify what infection(s) may be involved. Even if a specific bacterium is identified, it still cannot be said CFIDS is caused by it.

    Recent research has shown mutations in genes in PWC. The question remains whether infections cause gene mutations or whether these mutations make us vulnerable to infections of opportunity. It cannot be said that these mutations cause our illnesses. There is not yet enough data to identify the cause of our illness.

    Other studies have shown that 60 to 70 percent of PWC have from 1 to 7 chronic infections, bacterial, fungal, and/or viral. Many of us improve with antiviral meds.

    Each study adds another piece to the puzzle or reinforces theories but I think we are a way from being able to say for sure what causes our illnesses. There are many triggers which brought on our illnesses full blown. Some of us seemed perfectly healthy until exposed to a toxin, suffered an infection, or dealt with severe stress, or suffered trauma. Some of us recovered from early triggers only to eventually not be able to recover. Triggers may be cumulative or several triggers at once may be too much for us. Again, a lot of research needs to be done.

    If we mistake a relationship with a cause, we will not find a cure. Depression can accompany our illness. In the UK, the powers that be are trying to insist that this is the cause and it is very difficult for our UK friends to get the medical treatment which can help us heal or, at least, get relief from our symptoms.

    I know how tempting it is to want to believe that science has found the cause because that would mean that we are closer to a cure. We are getting closer to finding the cause but we are not there yet. There may be multiple triggers which come together in a "perfect storm" situation in people who are genetically suseptible. This theory is gaining strength in research circles.

    Love, Mikie

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