B-12 and Fibromyalgia/Pernicious Anemia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by youmansm, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. youmansm

    youmansm New Member

    Does anyone know if there's a correlation between Pernicious Anemia (when your body cannot process Vitamin B-12 from food) and Fibromyalgia? I have been reading some things about B-12 helping Fibro. so I am wondering. I inject myself with B-12 once a month to keep my levels normal, but wonder if perhaps more B-12 would help the Fibro. Thanks.
  2. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    Dr. Chaney <SP?> wrote about that exact problem.
    I read it here, under the doctor list on the main page where it lists doctors and their protocols for treating CFIDS, etc.
    Check it out,
    PS He also wrote what type of B-12 will cross the blood brain barrier. Methylcobalamin I believe.
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  3. youmansm

    youmansm New Member

  4. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    Hi again,
    i just edited my post and you had just read it while I was doing so. I mentioned the type of B-12 he recommends.
    This way you will see a new messege and catch the edit.
    Or you'll just read about it on his web page.
  5. youmansm

    youmansm New Member


    Thanks again. I had just found an article on B-12 being helpful to Stage II of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...it's all so complicated! I take cyanocobalamin. I will check and see what this other stuff is. :)
  6. ohmyaching

    ohmyaching New Member

    Wasn't looking for anything in particular, but didn't know B12 was used to detox, especially the brain. I was just looking for something that might remove any excess copper in the brain from estrogen dominance. Think maybe I'll try the B12- don't know if it'l work for copper, but don't think it could hurt if it is good for CFS.
  7. youmansm

    youmansm New Member

    Just looking for whatever MIGHT work for whatever! Good luck. :)
  8. karenq

    karenq New Member

    Hi! I was just wondering how you inject yourself with B-12. Where can you get an injectable kind? I always thought you had to go to the doctor to get that done. I absolutely cannot tolerate the B vitamins when I take them orally and would like to try the shots--but I can't afford to go to the doctor every week.
  9. youmansm

    youmansm New Member

    Hi Karen,

    When I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia, they told me I would have to have shots every days for 14 days, then every week for some absurd number of weeks, then every month for the rest of my life. I lived about 1 1/2 hour away from the doctor and certainly did not want to go every day! That doctor taught me how to do the shots.

    My current doctor gives me a prescription for liquid cyanocobalamin. It's cheap. I am fine about injecting myself now, though I really had to bite the bullet when I first started. It was scary. I get mine by prescription, but I don't know if that's necessary. I used to have to get syringes by prescription in California, but they just sell 'em at the pharmacy in my current state...it varies by state. They can instruct you on how to sterilize the bottle and your leg (I do my thigh), how to suck up the medicine to the proper level without any air bubbles, and how to give the shot. If it bleeds, you've hit a vein and have to do it over, because it only works intra-muscularly. It leaves only a tiny bruise if anything and doesn't hurt much during or at all after.

    Why do you use the B-12? I'm not sure what doctors will "approve" B-12 injections for. Good luck!!
  10. imgreat

    imgreat New Member

    My fibro Dr. started me on this and it was probley they best thing he ever did for me! He prescribed cyanocobalamin. The nurse showed me how to give myself the shot. I started with 1cc. a week. Then went to twice a week. At first my daughter gave me the shots till I got my nerve up. If you use diabetic syringes they are the easist to use. I have fibro and cfs. I talked my sis into trying it also. I went from two naps daily to maybe one a couple times a week. And that's with doing almost nothing all day. I've been in a serious flair for the last 3 and 1/2 years due to a car accident. Give it a try it's really inexpensive.
  11. youmansm

    youmansm New Member

    Hey, I already inject myself once a month with cyanocobalamin, so I could just increase the dose. What kind of doctor prescribed this for you--a rheumatologist? I don't know if my internist would go for it, but I'm going to start anyway because my medicine always expires before I'm done with it. Thanks a lot.
  12. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    FWIW Dr. Chaney recommends this type over the type you all are taking for good reasons if they are true. The one that begins with C (can't remember how to spell it) has some type of bad chemical,metal,or poison <?> in it which caused problems when taking mega doses.
    Check it out!
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  13. searchin4me

    searchin4me New Member

    My understanding is that one of the differences is that the Methyl is the kind that effects brain function. Cyano eventually metabolizes into methyl, but not an effective amount. For those of us with fibro fog, sleep problems, etc., methyl is supposed to be the most effective. I take 5 mg (5000 mcg) of Methyl daily.....and I can really tell a difference in how I feel if I don't take it. Hope this helps.
  14. imgreat

    imgreat New Member

    In answer to your question, yes it was my rheumatologist that prescribed the B-12.
  15. youmansm

    youmansm New Member

    Hey y'all,

    Thanks for the comments on cyanocobalamin vs. methyl. I do have fibro-fog and fatigue (and then problems sleeping when I need to) so it looks like I may need methyl. I did read the post above and go ahead and give myself 3 ccs of Cyano. yesterday and I will try the 2 ccs a week recommended until I see my internist and see what she thinks of methyl. If she doesn't approve, I may try to see a rheumatologist. Anyone know a good one one in North Alabama?
  16. healthforever

    healthforever New Member

    Im not very sure of fibromyalgia but I think ive read somewhere that it could lead to perniciouys anemia, do check with your doctor though. For vit B12, instead of injecting urself everymonth try herbal supplements like Jobleyn. Its safe with no side effects as it’s a herbal preparation.

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