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  1. joanierav

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    the difference between the methyl b12, hydroxy b12, and the cyanocobalamin b12?

    ive been taking the cyano b12 shots for yrs. i save them for emergencies. ie: christmas, weddings, shopping , etc. and they always give me the much needed boost that i need. but i found out the cyanoco has cyanide in it, now i am afraid to take it when i need it. but the methyl, and the hydroxy do not give me the added boost of energy that i need.

    help. does anyone have any answers to this? many thanks,

    god bless, joanierav
  2. TigerLilea

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    If the cyanocobalamin form of B12 has been working for you all these years, then why stop taking it?? It wouldn't be available for sale if it contained dangerous amounts of cyanide.
  3. mbofov

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    Hi Joanie - here's an article about the differences between cyanocobalamin, hydroxy and methylcobalamin.

    Cyanocobalamin is supposed to be the least effective; however, if that's what works for you the best, then I'd keep on taking it.

    Did you do the methyl and hydroxy as injections or take them orally? That could make a difference too.

    Anyways, I agree with Tigerlea - whatever works, keep on doing it -- and if I were you, since it helps you so much, I would do the shots regularly, and not wait until you need an extra boost of energy.

  4. joanierav

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    i understand what you are saying. but a small dose of cyanide over the years could build up into something dangerous in my body. it is a metal isnt it? not sure about that.

    i took the methyl sublingual. every day and the hydroxy injection . once a month..

    i used to do them more regularly, but then began slacking off. i think i will get back to doing it more frequently.

    thanks for your responses.

    love, joanierav
  5. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    i think i will try the hydroxy drops every day . anybody have any luck with them?

  6. IanH

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    cyanocobalamin does not release cyanide in significant quantities. Also cyanide does not bio-accumulate. In large enough quantities it is deadly because it replaces oxygen in haem, much as carbon monoxide does and the cyanide released from cyanocobalamine causes very slight intracellular hypoxia by reversibly binding to mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase a3 (This is the basis of some of the toxic reaction of cyanide). It is for this reason that some have suggested that people with ME/CFS should avoid it becuse ME/CFS involves oxidative stress with poorly functioning mitochondria. However this has never been shown in actual research. Fir this reason PWME generally avoid it.

    It was proposed that this form of B12 might not be converted properly but it is converted to active cobalamin (Cbl) coenzymes (adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin) and becomes associated with intracellular Cbl-dependent apoenzymes (methylmalonyl CoA mutase and homocysteine:methyltetrahydrofolate methyltransferase).

    That is, it does do the job. I do not know of any research showing that the kinetics of the conversion would impede or slow availability. I don't think there are any, despite the claims of some sellers.

    Some of the concern also came from the fact that hydroxocobalamine rapidly and effectively combines with cyanide (in cyanide poisoning) and can be used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning (along with sodium thiosulphate).

    Remember also the following foods that contain cyanides:

    millet sprouts
    lima beans
    bamboo shoots

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  7. Mikie

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    It is the recommended B12 for the Methylation Protocol. My neighbor's lab work came back with low B12. His doc is up north and he asked if he could take the same one I take. He did and when the lab work was repeated, his B12 was normal. I get mine here at ProHealth.

    Love, Mikie
  8. joanierav

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    thanks so much ian for your explanation of the b 12. of course i had to read it several times, before "i got it". ian, i love your knowledge of this illness, even tho you are way over my head, i just reread everything until i finally get it. that said, i think i will continue with my cyano shots, but will now order some hydroxy liquid , and rotate them both, because i dont want to give myself shots everyday.

    my b 12 levels have been way over the range for yrs., but i still continue the shots for my energy. i was dx with pernicious anemia yrs ago. it took about one yr to get it up to normal range . with twice monthly injections by my primary. but i dont know what type b 12 he used. at that time i was not knowledgable about my illness and didnt think to ask. but i know , until it was raised to the normal healthy level, i was very ill.

    thanks again guys for all your help. i guess the cfs will get me, before the cyanide poisoning will. hehe. joanierav
  9. IanH

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    there is no practical difference between cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamine because the amount you take in a sublingual (or injection) is HUGE compared to what you need. While cyano-Cbl needs to be converted to methyl-Cbl or adenosyl-Cbl this conversion is efficient and not known to be a problem. The cyano-Cbl is actually more stable but as I say this is irrelevant because you will be taking comparatively large doses.

    However in ME/CFS the more methyl-respiratory-compounds you can ingest the better because, as Mikie says the methyl groups is used in the so-called "methylation cycle" for the production of glutathione the methyl- is also used in DNA transcription and regulation. (An important basis of epigenetics). So the methyl-Cbl is a more useful form.

    More importantly than which form of B12 you take is that the B12 should be taken with folate, B6 and magnesium.
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  10. Mikie

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    I do take these together and continue even though the injections seem to have healed my symptoms. Now, if I could just stop catching viruses and falling down, perhaps I could find out just how much the injections have helped.

    BTW, my friend's doc said if he continued with the methylcobalamine B12, he didn't need the B12 injections she had planned on doing when he went back home up North.

    Love, Mikie