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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynnkat, Jan 24, 2003.

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    Hi everyone!! I haven't been on the board for quite awhile and don't know if b-12 injections have been addressed. I finally got a firm diagnosis of fibro about 2 months ago and am in the process of finding the best treatment for me. My doc has told me to get b-12 injections once a month to help my energy level. The first two shots were fine but this last one has seemed like it has caused me to have more hot flashes than usual. I am also going through menopause so am "blessed" with hot flashes anyway. Anyone out there have side effects from b-12???? Thanks for any info you have. Try to keep smiling and laugh when you can!!!
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    but methylcobalamin taken sublingual, even in very small doses gives me a terrible headache. (No idea why). I was meant to give myself intramuscular methylcobalamin shots, but now decided against it.
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    My doc had me on B-12, actually B complex injections 5000mcg twice a week. It seemed like it helped some with fatigue, but I stopped after three months when I didn't see a big change in my neuro-cognitive symptoms (which we were trying to address). The only side effect that I noticed was that soon after the injection I would get extremely fatigued and weak feeling, which would pass after a few hours. I don't remember having any hot flashes, but afterawhile all these symptoms start to get mixed up in my head (maybe you know how that is?!) Anyway I really think it's worth trying and is very helpful to some people.
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    Thanks for the responses and so quickly too!! It seems like I have more problems with medication since I have developed fibro so I feel like this website is a good place to find info from people who are dealing with this "wonderful" disease. Take care and have a good one.
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    I have taken B-12 and B-complex injections and like others who have posted it gave me fatigue,weakness and hot flashes,sweats.So I stopped them!I was able to more easily handle IV's with the B vitamins and minerals in reduced amounts.If interested in IV's a search under orthormolecular medicine should help.

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    I give myself B12 injections, 10,000mcg three times a week. After a gradual buildup I began to notice improvement when I was nearing my curent dose. I have not had any problems with night sweats, or any other negative side effects.

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    B12 works for me as well... I do 1 ml 3x week, and don't get any side effects except the 'fog' usually clears! Although I still have problems keeping track of things, If I forget, I'm even worse mentally & physically.

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    You are all great--thanks so much for the info!! It's good to know that this "problem" isn't all in my head too!! I called my pharmasist last night about it also since I couldn't get on the web site last night--must have been the new computer virus going around--and he couldn't find anything serious about the hot flashes. Told him it was embarassing to be shopping and have my face turn bright red! I'ts bad enough that I walk like someone who has had a few too many and now I have a red face to match. Hope I don't get pulled over for some traffic thing cause with my red face and inability to walk a straight line I could be in some serious dodo. Thanks again---keep laughing if you can!!!!!