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    Hello everyone. I just got my GI effects back which showed I have b.hominis. Did anyone have success getting rid of it? What did you take? I heard that it's hard to treat so I am trying to do the best approach. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    If I remember right I did a combination of black walnut along w/ the medication. I think she had me do the black walnut first and then follow up w/ the med. because she said it was difficult to get rid of. Before getting rid of it I had been diagnosed w/ seronegative rheumatoid arthritis, but it turned out to be reactive arthritis caused by the parasite. Got rid of it and the joint pain went away. I started to improve quite a bit after that.
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    Anyone else have any ideas? bumping it.
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    I had a stool analysis done that showed 'many' B Hominis on each of the samples ( Three ). I am taking Botanifuge for eight weeks, then Herbalfuge. I am also taking IPS, ADP, MSM, lactozyme, Betaine HCL, dysbiocide, bromelain plus.
    Please keep us updated and I wish you the best of luck.

    Kind regards, Mark
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    CFS on 2/8/91 Swollen and sore neck lympth nodes. Soon developed loose stools.
    11/06/91 Flagyl. 250 mg x 3 for 10 days.
    1/15/92 Great Smokies Lab identifies B. hominis.
    1/17/92 Tetracycline 250 mg x 3 for 30 days.
    2/12/92 Flagyl 500 mg x 4 x 10 days.
    3/05/92 Local lab. No B. hominis seen.
    3/16/92 NutriBiotic (grapefruit seed extract)
    7/01/92 Echinacea and Artemisa
    8/01/92 Garlicin, CoEnz Q10 and EFAs.
    9/05/92 Stopped all above. Sick all month.
    9/24/92 Iodoquinal 650 mg x 3 6 weeks.
    10/13/92 Ditto for 3 more weeks.
    10/04/93 Another doctor. Stool sample to Great Smokies. Negative, I believe.

    Loose stools continued for several years. Stopped when I totally (<1 mile walk per day. I was running 26 and 50 mile trail races till CFS!) gave up exercise.

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    I am burnt out money wise with docs. I know you can send your stool samples in through health dept. will they look for something like this?

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