B12 Does anyone know the diff?

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    I am curious about the diff types of cobalamin.
    I was given cyanocobalamin and will be taking weekly.

    The compounding pharmacist I went to had never heard of the two other mixtures and had to look them up. She said she would have to send away to get the hydroxocobalamine and it would be very expensive, So I left with the regular cyanocobalamine.

    My question I guess is why is the cyano version so terrible per Dr. Cheney?

    If it is just a molcule from cyanide...that doesn't mean it's toxic like cyanide does it? Why would the FDA approve such a thing if it isn't helpful?

    I am beginning to question some of the things he is saying. We give cyanocobalamine in the hosp, in nursing homes and in home health all the time, never the other stuff. In fact in the 15yrs I have been a nurse I have never seen or heard of anything else.

    I don't mean to sound rude at all, just looking for answers. I want to make sure I am taking the best medicine possible if I am going to stick myself all the time! The pharmacist said theres nothin wrong with taking cyano based stuff.

    Does anyone have any answers?? I would love to hear them if you do...

    Thanks Susan
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    I appreciate your feedback...

    I wonder why it's the brand of choice?! must be the least expensive to use.