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    Is anyone out there receiving regular B12 injections. In Jacob Tietlbaum's book "From Fatigue to Fantastic", he recommends 1 mill shot once a week for 8 - 10 weeks. If a person is going to improve he will see it by then. If after a few weeks the symptoms return he resumes shots every 1 to 5 weeks for an extended period of time.

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    and got several responses . Most of the answers indicated
    that the injections DID make a positive difference . I think it is definitely worth trying.
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    I have been having B12 shots (10,000mg) for around 5 months and yes they definetly made a big improvement for me.

    I started with twice weekly shots then weekly then fortnightly, I am also taking b12 sublingual (1000mg) per day.

    hope this helps
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    Hi there...there is a new form of b-12 that you put up your nose with very few sides. I just started on it and best of all, my insurance picks up most of the bill!

    Nascobal is the name...I think?

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    of B-12. For others the reg shots or the nasal works well.

    I used to take 5,000 mcgs three times aweek along with a Kutapressin shot (no longer manufacturer). Dr. Enlander in New prescribed b-12 and kuta together. I stumbled across by accident. I had to get it from a compounding pharmacy but it really helped in my years of need.