b12 shots???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rere, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. rere

    rere New Member

    Have any of you been given b12 shots. My Doctor has just started them on me. She says it will give me energy. I would like to hear from you all on this.
  2. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I have had several B12 shots with no effect, but I did have my B12 blood level taken once and it was very high, so that may be why they don't help.
    I have FMS, but I have heard that B12 shots can help those with CFS a lot. I guess it depends upon your diagnosis, and what kind of B12 level you had going into it. If you are a vegetarian, and do not take daily B12 supplementation, you almost surely have a low level of B12, and probably of the amino acid Methionine as well, so the shots would help for sure.
  3. robin

    robin New Member

    Hi rere; my doctor has me on B-12 multi vitamins.
    Only been on em a month so don't notice much yet
    but since they won't hurt me will keep taking.
    But you have given me an idea.
    I may ask my pcp or RA doctor for a B12 shot and
    see if they think it'd help in any way. Meanwhile
    I take B-12 multi vitamins and plan to add magnesium
    pills for my restless legs that I have now and
    then, which are part of fibro I think. Ihave a
    whole laundry list of ailments but I won't go into
    em now.

    Glad you are with us. Hope someone can help you
    more. YOU gave ME a good idea, so thanks! :>D

  4. gardengrow

    gardengrow New Member

    I took B-12 shots for about two years. My doctor would only give them once a month but I felt they helped me with energy. I just felt better on them. I now use the subllingual b-12 tablets and can get even more benefit since I can use them every day. I would definetely start out with the shots though- some people find that they cannot absorb the b-12 properly unless it is by shot.

  5. mrmadd

    mrmadd New Member

    I too have wondered about b-12 for cfs. if so what what be a good dosage to start with?
  6. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Regarding the sublinqual tabs for the B/12

    Do you use the 1 milligram or the 5 milligram dose? I wondered if one needs to go for the upper dose for the effectiveness?
  7. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    I take B12 Injections every other day at home. I have CFS and Fibro, and it has helped immensely! I take 1/2cc every other day.
    Some, like myself have absorbtion problems (IBS and leaky gut) and cannot absorb B-12 other than through injections.

    I will be beginning B Complex injections at home shortly, after a couple trial runs at my doctors. B-12 seldom has reactions, but in a small percentage of B Complex injections there are reactions. He wants me to take my first few injections there to be safe. The B12 I was allowed to immediately begin at home.

    Spacee--who is the B12 Guru, will probably be along shortly to post more--she has been on B12 and Kutapressin for along time.

    Best wishes,
  8. lucky

    lucky New Member

    My doctor had me on B12 shots once a month a few years ago. The day when I got the injection I felt good, but right after there was no change.
    My question is, may be the dose was not high enough and how high should it be?
    Thanks, Lucky
  9. gardengrow

    gardengrow New Member

    I use the 1000 MCG. every day. When I was getting shots I would use the 2000 MCG once a week to supplement the shots I was getting since My doctor would only let me have them once a month. Alot of people use the 500 MCG every day but after reading Dr. Cheney's articles on it -he uses pretty high dosages and feels it is completely safe- I felt I should take at least 1000MCG a day. It is probably different for everyone but I would find a dosage that will give you some energy. Just be careful- too high and you wont be able to sleep at night!

  10. Solstice

    Solstice New Member

    I am currently getting B12 injections. I get 2cc's Monday, Wed. and Friday.

    I used to get them a long time ago and they were helpful. Then I switched to B12 sublingual for a long time.

    The last few months I regressed in my health.............a major crash.
    My doc said he wanted to treat me as if I had active mono......and wanted to start me on B12 again. I have had a hard time getting in especially at first............too tired to get there. But the more I get them, the better I am feeling. They are definately helpful to me!!
    I think this time I will keep it up, but maybe the dose will go down eventually. I was so low....he felt he needed to give me a"jump start" for awhile.

    For awhile my husband was giving me the shots at home. I have not felt I could give them to myself. But I don't think he does as good a job as a nurse does. And I didn't want that to be part of our relationship............would rather have him look at my butt in a different way! :)

    I have CFIDS and FMS. I don't know if B12 is helpful for FMS, but I know others besides me who have CFIDS who are also helped by the B12.

    I hope it helpful to you as well.