B12 - Were you tested??

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    To those on B12 - were you tested?
    I asked my dr. to test me for b12 deficiency and
    he checked anemia and red blood cells.Shouldn't
    he have done a specific B12 test? I have
    read that these can be very beneficial to us
    even if we are not low. He wouldn't go for that.
    I have sublingual tabs but haven't started yet.
    Am wondering if I should wait until I am tested
    for an accurate reading.
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    I do have IBS and could never hang around and enjoy the after-dinner conversation. I would rush home in hopes of making it there and not have to stop along the way. I remember one time I had to stop at a McDonalds just one block from my house and less than three miles from where we ate dinner. I have IBS for as long as I can remember. I also have malabsorption, as do my dad and mother, so this is why I choose to take the B-12 shots.

    I was referred to a Gastro doc, because I had difficulty swallowing. He did an EGD, said I had GERD and wanted to start me on Nexium - no discussion; no getting a word in edgewise with him either. He suggested diet for weight loss and exercise, which I already was doing.

    I talked to my PCP and told him I did not believe I had GERD. I told him I thought I had too little stomach acid and told him why I thought this and he concurred. I never filled the Rx for the Nexium and to prove my theory, I started on Betaine HCl and a poly-phasic digestive enzyme complex. I take one of each with each meal, or if it's just a light snack I take just the DE complex and not the Betaine. I don't take probiotics, because my Candida is under control, but I do avoid yeast products. Also, I have eliminated dairy and wheat products and most cereals & grains. In fact the only cereal/grain I can tolerate is rice. I drink enriched rice milk, in place of regular milk.

    This has been my single, most beneficial accomplishment in my fight against IBS. I no longer have stomach cramps and diarrhea right after eating. I carry some digestive enzymes in my purse, in case I eat out, too. This started out as an experiment and has been one of the few successful ones since having this DD.

    I hope you can find relief soon, because with your IBS, you will never get proper nutritional or medicinal support and it won't matter what you swallow.

    Wishing you well,