B12...Which form best, shots or???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bct, Aug 20, 2003.

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    Which form of B12 is best? I give myself 1cc. every week by injection. This saves me from going to the clinic all the time and my doc. says that shots are best. Any thoughts on this? Oh, and I am taking cyanocobalamin. Is this bad, and is so where can I get the hydroxy.c.???
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    to be able to give myself a B12 shot. I think shots work so much better. Hubby and I both use the B12 that you put under your tongue. Yucky but works pretty good. In a fog today and can't remember the name. WLE
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    Hi there;

    I am new here (this is my first post...) I would seriously look into the ingredient list with B-12 shots. I was on them many years ago & still felt like crap... I have since discovered that many of us with immune disorders, should be wary of ingredients. Now when I was getting the shots I am pretty sure they were preserved with phenols, which is an absolute no-no... So I would look into that. I have been using Nulife Liquiks B-50 (sublingual) for about 9 years now with success.

    Hope this helps! (Now I'm off to introduce myself proper to the group...)

    Take care,


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    But in doing research, Dr.Cheney says that it is not good for the brain. Check the library here for info. My other docs said that going to a different type of B12 wasn't worth the expense. I give myself and son the high dose injections. For us it is much better than the supplements. My son uses a compounded form without the preservatives and I use the regular compounded form. He is more chemically sensitive.

    I tried the sublingual type, but didn't get the same effect as the injections. If you are already giving yourself the shots, IMHO stick with it.(exuse the pun). If you switch to the sublingual, make sure you don't swallow the saliva, it is supposed to be absorbed under the tongue.

    Hope this helps. -Karen
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    it modulates the immune system.

    I'm supposed to do 3ccs 3 times a week but am too lazy to keep up. I'd feel better for it though.

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    since i was told the body flushes all unused/unnessary amounts. so no harm. But then the infectious disease specialist doc told me not to do it. He also kept up his studies with the stealth virus. I think he felt the same way about it not being good for the brain, perhaps he's right . bottom line whatever gets you thru the day is my philosophy. who really knows anymore. I'm so confused at this point. To tell you the truth I'm gonna try to get my insuance to pay for the stuff again cause it did get me off the couch. I also took neurontin in excess to 4,000 mg. per day as precribed by the same doc. Until I ran into insurance problems after 5 yrs I weaned off of it. I'm looking over this site for new insight to therapy's. I am so amazed , can't it just me a simple disease?!!!! story of my life. anyway I feel like looking into the HGH theory more. any brandnames for me?
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    I think my doctor would give me a prescription for almost anything. I love marijuana but never thought of it as a CFS med. I live in California.

    Who fills your RX or can you grow it yourself with a prescription. Aren't there hassles, I read about lawsuits over this.

    How does it help your condition. I think I'd be on the sofa more and certainly eating more if I were to start up again.

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    I am currently looking for a doctor who will prescribe meds I've not yet tried that are'nt the traditional ant-depressants. please reply!! I live in southern cal. sanbernardino co. WRITE PLEASE
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    You may be able to get a script for Marinol. It is the pill form of cannabis prescribed for nausea and pain relief. It also helped me with the brain fog and balance problems. Unfortunately, mu doc felt that it may have increased my depression so he will no longer prescribe it for me but you may have better luck
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    Did I miss something here? Where did BCT mention marijuana? Of course, I have no idea what cyanocobalamin is. Is that a chemical name for cannibus?

    As for the B-12, I've been thinking about taking the tablets I see in the vitamin section. No needles, thank you very much (Mom used to get them every week, I remember).
    I gather pills are at the bottom of the list?