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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dahopper, Dec 28, 2006.

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    for you and never see you post are you ok? Let me know how you are doing. I think of you all the time. Love, Debbie
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    Out running errands today just ran in to check on my Yorkie Babies (so sweet) I will get back to write you soon. Take care and I am so happy you are doing better. Life is good. LOL
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    As I said I am so happy to see you are doing better and sleeping better. I have not had a sleep issue since starting with FFC and really I am not taking anything to sleep other than the Rest and Restore I get from them. If I see I may have a ruff night I will break a 5mg Ambien in half to make it just a 2.5mg and I sleep like a baby.

    I have wondered about the shots you are doing...the IGG and wondered what they would do for me. Can you explain what you are taking them for and how they have helped you? I love the energy injections that have the 4 differnt ingredients in it. I go like a house on fire for days after I get that. In fact I will drive back to Dallas next week just for that. Crazy Huh?? But I am loving feeling so good. My husband has been wonderful about driving me there.

    I go to Oklahoma City on the 9th of January for a Breast Screening that takes about 5 hours. I have been so worried about breast cancer. I have taken Premarin since I was in my twenties and just stopped it when my FFC doctor in Dallas nearly flipped out. He put me on the Vivile Dot the lowest dose and my left breast got so sore I wanted to cry with it day and night with no relief until I stopped the patch. Now it seems back to normal with just some tenderness at times. Last night tho I started waking up with hot flashes. Wow I can't stand that either.

    My little pets liked it better when I was sick 24/7 because I had to stay in the recliner most of the daytime hours so they were right there with me. Now that I have been doing so much better they are missing it so bad and begg to go get in it. So cute and funny. They make me smile.

    I will let you know about the epicor. I am so excited about it. Did you watch the video CherylSue told me about it? I did and was really interesting.

    My biggest complaint now is thinking straight kinda like you are talking about with you. I have lost so much self confidience since becoming ill. I worked in a office for thirteen year doing computer work for a grocery store and doing all the pricing and was the front end manager also that kept me very busy. I never had these problems then with spelling and relaying what I wanted to say to others until now. I just can't do it anymore. I can not explain to you what my doctor even said to me Wednesday it is terrible. I just feel so stupid now days. I hope it comes back too. I read and can not comprehend. It is so frustrating !!

    My oldest son and his wife and my two grand babies will be here next weekend and I am so excited. I hope I hold out and feel good while they are here. They live in Dallas.

    Sounds like you had a very busy day when you went to your FFC and to Philly and shopping and to the Franklin Inst. Good for you girl I am so excited for you. I know this treatment is for me I hope you are happy with what they are doing for you. What all medications are you taking? I sure do hope I get to stop the Valtrex and Diflucan after being on it for four months that would mean in another month for me I believe. Wow that would be great...Something to look forward to anyway. How many months have you been in treatment with FFC?

    Cooking use to be one of the things I enjoyed most but I am just so unorganized now days that my husband does almost all the cooking. I do some here and there like I did last night. He is a wonderful cook so it does not hurt my feeling. We have had a terrible 2006 and we are looking so forward to a new year. We will stay home and watch movies. I rented about seven movies from Blockbuster today.

    I wish you a very healthy and happy new year to you and your family. Please keep in touch and let me know how your treatment is going and I will do the same. Love, Debbie

  4. dahopper

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    Are you ok ?? I bet you have just been busy. :)
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    Just bumping for you again Babs. Wanted to see how your New Year's Eve went. I think we were in bed by 10:30. Anyway Happy New Year and I hope you are feeling ok still.

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