Baby chicks

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    I have so many baby's like pop corn popping around here. I love it. I have three that I hatched in Feb. that are ready to go into the, have sold some older hens.
    I'm worried about one of my oldest babies that I have kept. An Ameraucana is holding her head to one side more than the other. I just noticed it today. You would have thought that I would have noticed it sooner. I'm always watching them. They are crazy fun to watch.

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    Rain, actually, my Ameraucana is getting around really well. Eating well, drinking well. Frolicking around with the other two that I have ready to go to the big girls coop. She just walks with a side way thing going on. lol..but when she runs, with her head down, it really is turned. My husband was chucking at it. She really does seem to be fine, except for the "kink" in her neck.

    Wonder if she will lay I ask my husband. He says, don't know why not, it's only her neck that's got a bit of a problem. :)
    I was wondering if maybe she was blind in one eye, and held her head to the right to be able to see. But, when we hold her up to us, she looks right at us..another but, when I wave my hand in front of the left eye, not as good a response, as when I wave my hand in front of her right eye.
    She is cute. If she keeps acting normal, other than this neck problem, will have to come up with some cute name.
    Anyone have any ideas?? Silly to go along with the neck, or maybe she deserves a pretty name, or a cutsie name... hmmm.....throw some out there, and I will probably see one and go...that's her! Oh, and she is a very sweet girl..very mild mannered..not like the Delaware and black sex link she runs with.
    Hope all is well.
    Jam, you like country? Did you ever have chickens? Or did you say your grandmother did? I can't remember now, and can't see your memory of mine.
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    I'm thinking I would love to taste your chicken soup!
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    Baby chicks just caught my eye and made me feel so much better. From your description, I felt like your chick is a "Simone, " "Isabella," "Gabriella," "Georgia" or even "Ava" and since your chick is a bit unusual, you could even try royalty like "Catherine the Great, Ruler of the Yard" or Empress Elizabeth or even Madame Margaret or Princess Porschia.

    Your chick extends her neck to the side, and you might look at that much like someone of great royalty extends her hand (whether it be to the front or to the side) in greeting and friendship.

    P.S. Shelby the cat thinks she is a Princess. She has told me not to refer to her as a cat, because she is a Feline-American. I can't keep up!!
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    TwoCats...I think I'm liking Princess. I don't think that she thinks she is, she is one to stay/shy away from the older girls more than the other two pullets, but I think she is a little princess. I can see that sticking pretty good into her adult life. :) She doesn't run from me. My little Princess..yep! Although she won't be laying any gold eggs, she will be laying me a blue or a green blue egg. I really like a colored egg, and my grandkids love them.