Baby emily and my neice

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    I am sure some of you remember my prayer request for my neice. She finally got pregnant after 10 years of trying, when she had her c-section they found a very aggressive type cancer on her ovary, 6 months later a body scan showed more cancer on the outside of the colon and the gall bladder. She had surgery again, now it is time for a 6 month follow up for her body scan. Please Join me in prayer for my Steph that the cancer has not returned.

    Baby emily was born legally deaf and had to wear these big ugly hearing aids. She was seen in children's hospital in Philadelphia by a specialist. He said he could operate but her chances of becoming completely deaf were high. Steph and her husband decided to take the risk. Baby emily has 90 % hearing, praise God, no more earing aids and she reponds to every little noise, we had her outside and she heard the birds, the biggest grin came on her face and she went tweet tweet. Would you believe she is 15 months old already.

    I just praise God for Emily's hearing being restored and am asking God to heal my Steph.

    Love to all and God's blessings on all.

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    Steph, this dear young mother.

    God's blessing on all of you.

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    I will put Steph on my prayer list!

    Yes...Praise God for Emily's hearing being restored!!