Baby fish and kittens, update

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    I haven't posted for several days. Wednesday through Fridays, I work. It still takes alot out of me. I also have to get up early. So in the evenings, I am so tired. I have been reading though. I will have to leave the posting to my days off, unless I get feeling better on those evenings.

    I have been busy dealing with the former neighbors cats, and getting my fish moved out of the pond. The pregnant cat that I had been feeding since she had been left when the neighbors moved. She had her kittens Thursday. She kept them out in the open. So my aunt took the cat and kittens to her place. There are five. One looks like an abino. There is a black one, two lighter tabbys, and one darker tabby. The mother is a lighter tabby. I mean with the black. gray, and white. There is a black and white small cat that I have been feeding. She has kittens somewhere. I was told by other people that there is kittens under the house. The cat lets me pet her, but hiss at times. Looks like all the cats had to almost fight to eat before. I feel when she feels comfortable here, that she will bring the kittens. I talked to one neighbor, and she took in a pregnant black cat. She had a litter of kittens. It upset me how people could leave them. I heard that there are more cats. They left a dog, but someone saw it and took it home. It has been stressful dealing with this. Please pray that the cats will find homes. Many have to be caught.

    I have 26 pond fish. I move them to a stock tank on the patio for the winter. It takes awhile to catch them. I finally got the last one today. I found out that there are baby fish. I was able to catch them, by using a small fish net duct taped to my mop handle. The head screws off. I thank the Lord that I thought of it. I tried to get ahold of my sister, but she went to town today. I did talk to her right before I went online. So I end up doing it all myself. It is getting harder to do things, and need a helping hand sometimes. I don't even have a friend to call, to come over and help. No one at church. I am fed up. I don't think I am going to church anymore. I can't take it anymore. I am really hurt.

    I hope things are better for you all. My cold is finally getting better, and getting back some energy. This is the first day that I felt at least half way decent.

    Oh, I forgot. I have 8 baby fish. I have them in the house. I need to find an aquarium to put them in for the winter. They are so tiny and cute.

    May God bless you all, and keep you each day.

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    Hi! !1st~glad you`re feeling better,tho it looks like you don`t put yourself 1st. D/H & I talked about an emergency` whatever` ~ would we try to save one another or our beloved pet~looked at each other & laughed save him 1st! (he was abandoned~haven home lady like you gave him to us~now he owns Us!)Bless you for what you`re doing~maybe ad in paper for free Ivan "castaways"? & patent your li`l fish rescuer! Take care of yourself~what a giving heart God has blessed you with,readalot~~~~~love, Sib
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    Bless you, Bless you.....I can't begin to tell you how touching your story was, especially with the cats...I have 2kittens in my house yet, that my son brought home from work (he works at a Vet Clinic)and we have been taking care of them since they were about 2 days old...I really would love to keep them both, but already have 3 cats and a dog in the house...

    My son also volunteered at our local animal shelter - it is so sad to see what people do to animals...My son just started college in August, and then on to Vet School, he wants to be a Vet so bad...

    I'm so glad to see there are such good people in this world to care for these animals - I have a neighbor that would kill a cat if he had the chance - I always said, he just better stay away from mine - but mine are strictly house cats......

    Once again, because of my son's work and hearing stories, and all, I THANK YOU PERSONALLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR CARING FOR THESE CATS.........God Bless....

    Take, Donna
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    I know you are so proud of your son! Musta got that caring for God`s li`l creatures from you. Not enough young men like him! I understand about not being able to keep a lot of animals~in our duplex we aren`t supposed to have any, but they let me anyway! So thankful for that!~~~~with hope and love, Sib
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    Hope you had a good night`s sleep~having trouble here with mine(sleep & rest). I`m sitting here with 1 of my 2 or 3 cupsajava I `allow` myself and my head keeps nodding and then I `jump`.Oh, how I would love to live out in the "country" again(raised that way) and once again have as many li`l critter babies as I choose~oh well, I will love and pray for yours and readalots~two precious women! Keep on truckin!~~~~~with hope and love, Sib
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    for replying.

    I have been busy here. My aunt took the pregnant cat up to her place after she had her kittens. She had to find a place for them all, so that the mother cat won't try to bring the kittens back down here. She didn't live very far. Just up the hill. She had to work all day yesterday, and be gone most of today. She wanted me to come up for an hour to let the mother out to explore the place. She has alot of other cats there, and a dog. She wants her to get used to them. I went up yesterday, and today. Talked to the mother cat and pet her. The kittens are doing fine.

    My Mom came over a minute ago to let me know that her neighbor is ready to work on my car. She tried to call, but I am online. I will be back later to finish this.

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    I got the oil changed on the car. Mom was out of town. Got back today. I was visiting with her, told her about the baby fish. Well, she told me she has a aquarium. Now I have it here. The fish are really enjoying it. The container I had them in was too small. After being in the pond, they are used to having alot of room to swim. They are morelike silver. They are pretty. In the winter, I check on the fish in the stock tank. But when there is ice on it, I can't see them. They also don't move much, and don't eat. So having some in here will be nice.

    I have one cat that was the neighbors that comes here. I talked to another neighbor. She had been feeding some. I asked her how many that she thinks that those people had. She said about 15. Cats would have kittens, and they didn't take them in to get spayed. It is sad, it bums me out to think how people can do that to their pets.

    Thanks again for replying. I hope things will be easier tomorrow. The cat that I have been feeding, doesn't like my cat, and hisses. She hisses at me too. But at the same time, she lets me pet her. She just have to get used to things here. I believe that she has kittens somewhere, but hasn't let them come out. I have to wait.

    May God bless you all, and keep you each day.


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