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  1. kjade

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    Well, I finally added a new pic to my profile (since the format last changed).

    I wanted to share this with you guys. The pic in my profile is from the 4D ultrasound I had about a month ago. These are so cool...I had to pay for it, as it's elective, and not covered by insurance, but worth every penny as a little keepsake. I got a DVD of the entire exam (about an hour long) and plenty of pictures. Are you able to see the little face?

    It's strange how much this baby looks just like my other kids when they were born. All of my babies looked the same at birth. The picture may not be really clear, because the baby wouldn't move it's arm away from it's face. So this is one of the better shots.

    What do you think? Boy or Girl?
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No, can't see the little face. The pic is too little.

    Looks like it's in color. All the ultrasound pics I've seen before look
    like a gray wad of gum.

    This one's more like abstract art. How soon before baby makes
    its debut?

    Must be an exciting time.

  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Wow!,,,,Way Kool!,,a close up,,, i'm going to show the kids this when they get here ,,,,maybe they can get one done in a couple months!,,,,,Beautiful Face!,,Boy! i think! What a wonderful keepsake!,,,,,,,S
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is so cute and something else. My youngest grandson, had that kind of ultrasound done for his mother(my daughter), I think it was the same as yours and it was on video too, as you probably did.

    Sorry to say but it looks like a boy to me but what do I know :) !! That is indeed smething to keep. As long as it is a healthy baby and all goes well with you I am sure that is your main goal. That is really something else what they can do nowadays. Yep, put that one in your babybook !! That is too cute !! If it is a boy you can always just dress him in pick :) ! Yep, I bet your hubby would love that??? Now a days when they get to school you can hardly tell the boys from the girls with the clothes they all wear. Not to many cute frilly clothes anymore as they get older.

    Thanks for sending and please have fun on your vacation. When are you leaving?

    Bye for now. Happy 4th.

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  5. jole

    jole Member

    I think boy us all be wrong! LOL

    My last daughter had a 3D also, and they are sooo great! When the baby was born I was totally amazed that she looked exactly like the ultrasound pic. This was the only one of my grandkids to have one...don't think they've been around long, have they?

    I think they're so precious when you can catch them sucking their thumb....but anything is precious when it comes to babies! And yes, yours is a cutie!

    I still have trouble with a regular ultrasound trying to figure out baby is so much easier. You'll never regret having it, even if you did have to pay for it. Heck, we don't think twice about paying for pictures of our babies AFTER they're born.

    Wishing you the best...not much longer to wait and wonder, huh? Love and prayers.....Jole
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I had a bit of trouble at first making out the picture. My daughter looked like a boy when she was born...and my son looked like a one never knows.

    Anyway, Kjade, I know youre really busy but remember do all the relaxation exercises you can and keep thinking good happy you tell your little baby you love it and how happy you are to have it? Literally talking to it? I think babies can feel what their moms think or tell make sure you spend time with baby just loving it even if its only five seem so excited...and i bet your other kids are too...i remember how excited i was when my baby brother was born, wanted to carry him and all that.

    God Bless
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  7. kjade

    kjade New Member

    DH thought it looked like a boy too. I thought it actually looks just like my daughter...just like she did in her 4D pic. DH is the only one who still thinks this is a boy. LOL.

    Rock: I laughed so hard when I read "gray wad of gum".'re right - they can look like that at times. I think if you click on my name and then "about me" the pic will be larger. The baby is "due" on 7/21, but I don't know if I will make it that long!! But my fingers are still crossed!

    Thanks Sis...yes I would definitely tell your daughter to have one of these done. They are so worth it, and so amazing. You can't see it in that picture, but the foot was in the face at one looked so weird and so cute. And during the live video, you could see the baby yawn, and it was so cool, b/c I could actually see the gums and the lips....
    Again, worth every penny!

    Granni...if it is a boy, dh would kill me if I dressed him in pink! LOL!! I washed all of the baby clothes I have, and it was kinda sad. I have so many cute things for each gender, and knowing that one or the other would never be worn again made me sad. The girl clothes are in better shape, since I only had one, but the boy clothes are cute too. (although I do like girl stuff much better.) I am leaving next Sat the 11th for my vacation. (I HOPE!!)

    Thanks Terch! Yes, it is amazing what they can do these days...I feel very lucky that I got the opportunity to be able to experience this. Nothing will be as wonderful as seeing the baby in my arms, but this was still really neat. I will be 38 weeks on Tuesday. And I feel it!

    Thanks Jole! You have a great point....we DO pay so much for pics of the kids when they are born, so why not? I still have the 4D pics of my DD in a frame on her dresser. She doesn't really care now, but she may think it's really cool when she gets older. Thanks for the won't be long now! I can't wait! (well, maybe I

    Hi Springwater! Yes, I do "talk" to the baby all the time...I think bonding even in utero is so important. I hug my belly too, especially when it's moving around a lot and I can actually sort of "grab on" to an arm or leg (gently of My kids are VERY excited. I can't wait to see how they will be (esp DD) with the baby once it gets here. It really is amazing to see how their relationships develop as they get older. My oldest is 10, so I know he will be a huge help.

    Well, thank you again everyone....I love sharing all of this with you all! And I so appreciate your thoughts , prayers and wishes. You guys are the best!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey sweetie,

    I hope you know I was only kidding about the dressing him in pink if it was a boy. My husband would have died to if I had ever put pink on his son, he would have really raised a fit even though nowadays some men do wear some pink in differeent shades. However, they have to really have a strong sense of self if you know what I mean.

    My son was definately all boy but as he has said many times growing up, having 4 sisters have really gotten him close to his feminine side (if you know waht I mean). Four sisters will really help him to become more sensitive and he is a very sensitive guy at age 35. I just hope that one day he can have a baby. He would make such a great dad and his wife has already lost a baby, and another pregnancy did not progress normally. He is a controlled epilepic but I am guessing that the condition or meds may have caused some of their fertility problems. He had lots oflittle mothers - poor kid.

    Take it easy, relax and enjoy that wonderful vaction coming up before the baby comes. Try and pamper yourself before that little one comes. We are so anxious to know all about the baby. Have you both spoken about names. We always had a boys name so that ws no problem. I always had a problem trying to agree with DH on girls names.

    Hugs and blessings to you and your family awaiting the birth of your new little one !


  9. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Definitely worth it. The baby's face is so very beautiful in repose. I'm thinking girl,but since I am almost exclusively WRONG all the time, it must be a boy!! LOL!!!

    My babies all looked the same too. My husband and I decided that we were really only capable of reproducing one face!!! The twins were identical and my other child looked like them at birth.

    You sound upbeat and in great spiriits. I am so very happy for you. Relax as much as you can and of course, keep us posted!!

    Peace and (baby) love--Laura
  10. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Hi Kjade,
    Oh how gorgeous and what a keepsake...I really can't tell but I'm hoping you have a girl, so to me she looks like a so there will be two sisters along with the two brothers. I always wished I could've had a brother for my son, but my two girls get along great most of the time and are two years apart...either way, I bet they are excited w/ a baby sibling soon to be a reality!

    Hoping the last few weeks go smoothly and you enjoy the last moments of pregnancy (lol).

  11. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thanks so much Granni Laura and Sacajawea!
    I think I am almost 95% sure it's a girl. The heartrate has always been in the 150's which "they" say means girl. Not sure how accurate that is, but we'll see!

    I only have 11 days left!! And I leave for vacation tomorrow (finally!) Everything looked really good at my appt this week, so the Dr didn't see any reason for me not to go. I think relaxing will really do me some good too.

    I will definitely let you all know when I have the baby. Thank you all for sharing in this journey with me. I am so happy I could share all of this with you all!!