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  1. suncatcher1

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    Hello everyone. I am getting ready for work but only have a minute. Please tell me if anyone of you ever have had seemingly a muscular backache. I have had a bad back and don't know if it fibro or what. I has been killing me for two weeks off and on. I blamed it on my chair at work but don't know. My doctor was thinking kidney stones but it is muscular, I can tell. I just don't know if this is part of my terrible FM or what. Let me know if any of you have had this. I hope you all are feeling well today.
  2. 2girls

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    My back ache does not let up - I have had back pain constantly for the last 2 years, all muscular. This is one of the most common FM symptoms.

  3. KayL

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    back problems for many years, including herniated and ruptured disks and 2 surgeries, and I get muscle spasms/aches daily. I take Soma every day, and I do a stretching routine daily as well. If you're sure it's muscular, heat, massage, stretches, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, would all help you.

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    my back and hips hurt all the time.rhumy said it is the fibro.i haven't found a whole lot that helps.emu oil with menthol helps the pain back off and sometimes go away for awhile.

    kathy c