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    Hi everyone. Have not been able to use my computer because of tiling being laid in the area where my computer lives and also because with a change of service provider, losing access to the internet. Problem was sorted out today. Will take me ages to try and catch up on the message board, but I need to tell you of my visit to DR today. Have had 3 bad episodes while he has been on holidays and the worst was this last weekend when I develop severe cramping, muscle spasms and aching all over and diahorea ( can't spell). The appointment I had today I had made a week ago. He is not happy. Says he doesn't know if it is FM as nothing he has done so far has helped me. So I am to see a Rheumy' on March 21st. Told me I am to slow down my attempts at keeping my house tidy etc and my husband needed to be a bit more helpful about the place. ( Liked that bit). Hubby didn't mind and has already been more supportive. Do others get these sorts of symptoms?? Aches all over- areas that are more hurtful than others-the cramps and spasms any where and everywhere-pains that are really quite severe in one area, like in one leg and you can have it for a couple of hours and then it seems to transfer to the other leg- feelings of nausea- giddiness-tummy pains- diahorea- headaches- tiredness and sometimes like you have hit the wall and just have to sleep.I did the sleep bit with the tiler hammering down underlay 10 feet away from me. Sat in the lounge chair and that was it!! Does this sound to you like I have FM?? I expect you are going to say yes as from all I have read it seems to me to be FM and Myofascial Pain.I believe there is a lot more research going on overseas than there is here and you lot on this board certainly chase up every lead. I just want to be ready to go to the rheumy'. Thanks Ozgran.
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    I'm sorry you are feeling so badly; I hope your visit to the rheumy sheds some light on this for you!

    While I don't share your exact symptoms, I was struck by something you said that I believe is a common thread for many of us; how pain, etc. seems to "migrate" around the body. I'm subject to more tingling, muscle-twitching, extremeties that feel "asleep", etc. than I usually am to pain. But I often notice that a particular symptom will be more extreme in one foot, for example, then migrate to the other foot, or up my leg, etc. This seems to be quite common for us! Very frustrating; it just seems like you get rid of a certain sensation, but then it's back in another part of your body! Seems to be another weird side of FM.

    Good luck getting some relief & answers from your rheumy, I'll be hoping the best for you!

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    ~It's very good your DR. said your hubby needed to be more supportive! Yes!
    Currently, my Dr's are doing so many tests on my belly you wouldn't believe it! I have constant nausea, gas, loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, etc. But they won't find anything- it's FM-related, I'm sure. And the Pain: My neck and shoulders seem to be tight all the time. Then if one hip gets a sharp pain, then the other will. Lately the Arches of my feet have been Cramping! unless I put weight on them! And sitting here at the computer for any length of time: my hips send stabbing pains down legs, and calves cramp and I have to keep moving my legs around & stretching...OOWWWWWW!
    And the sleeping- I have insomnia, and yet all of a sudden, sometimes, I'll just HAVE to Go To Sleep! Quickly! BONK!
    I think, Ozgran, with FM, we all can relate and yet we all are unique!
    But for the Rheumy: *Make a Pain & Symptom Diary
    Write down every pain and nausea problem!or Other!
    ALSO-You may even want to *call ahead and ASK about the Rheumy- and see HOW he/she treats FM patients! You don't want to go in there only to have him say- I can't help you! OK?
    Good luck to you, and God Bless!